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  1. I still have mine. And so does Ryan Palmer.
  2. Wow. If true, that's got to be one of the best grabs at a thrift I've ever seen. Unreal.
  3. Was wondering what happened to this thread. Maybe I didn't update my info on this forum to follow this? Seems to have been a big drought lately. With so many people picking up the game lately I wonder if everything that hits the shelves at our thrifts are being snatched up right away?
  4. Thought I was crazy or something. Glad someone else seems to have believed the same thing - those balls were so long.
  5. That wasn't the putter he had at the Masters. Any photos of that putter? Man those Cameron's are ugly as sin (IMO).
  6. I finally got it. Odyssey TriForce 4. A unicorn (tour-only I believe) putter I have been getting email alerts for on eBay for at least 5 years. I think only 3 have popped up in that time:
  7. MacGregor 1025C's V-Foil's are the best, softest irons I have ever hit. I've hit a number of Mizunos, number of other forged offerings, and the 1025s are just pure perfection in my opinion.
  8. I just bought one of these. I DO NOT need it....so likely will be back up on eBay next Summer:
  9. Yes I just weight the set when listing, and add that weight and likely box dimensions in the calculated shipping. Add a pound to pay for some of the fees. 90% of single clubs (with a box) are around 2 pounds. Shipping bags SUCKS - but when it comes to shipping bags (especially staff bags) inches can make a huge difference in the shipping costs. Never use priority when shipping bags - use the slightly cheaper USPS shipping option and try to cram the bag into the smallest possible box without damaging it.
  10. I've been selling clubs on eBay for almost 20 years now. I just do the calculations prior to listing an item. As a general rule a set of clubs is no more than 10 pounds - I just tell potential bidders/buyers they need to add calculated shipping. A single clubs is generally 1-2 pounds so I just charge 2-3 pounds. I pay/print shipping out on my computer (USPS Priority) and that saves it seems instead of paying at USPS.
  11. None of us know what kind of putter that is without a shot of the bottom. It looks like a Miura I think...maybe a Honma. No idea.
  12. Those old Berthas can be worth some money, especially if you have all the clubs. I scored a set of those (like 2 through sand if I recall correctly) from Goodwill maybe 8 years ago and made a nice flip selling them on eBay.
  13. It's been a drought here in the Twin Cities thrifts. Moreover, not only that, but the Play It Agains are hurting to get product in. I have discussed this with some of the guys at PIA and they think there are a lot of peopel playing (picking up even) the game probably related somewhat to the Covid nonsense. That's a good thing I suppose. If that's the case.
  14. Did you find the Bettinardi and Piretti at Goodwill? If so, what were they priced at?
  15. We got a thrift store finds thread: https://forums.golfwrx.com/discussion/comment/19583587#Comment_19583587
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