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  1. Just saw the Odyssey on TV. Strange one-off looking Odyssey there. If he wins, maybe we'll get to see an updated WITB and some photos.
  2. Saved a set of Ram Pro Set Tour Grind irons last night from being sent to a landfill. Also a set of 845s (missing an 8, which I have in my stash), and an Odyssey Dual Force 440. Nice haul for free.
  3. I just came across a set (5-pw) of Eye2s, @$6.99 club. I snatched three of them I needed to fill out my other Eye2s. Should have just bought them all and kept their serial #s together (and their red dot). Oh well.
  4. Always loved Tad's putters. I thought his Hagen line was well done, as usual.
  5. Thanks for that. Some good info on there. Should have known about it earlier.
  6. Any recommendations on good stiff steel shafts that could potentially install into these iron heads? S300?
  7. Were these Centurion irons any good, or were they generally junk? I ask because I have a set of them that I might get rid of (give to Salvation Army). Need to know if they were decent or not. Responses would be much appreciated.
  8. I had given it up for quite a while for various reasons, but I went DD'ing the other night (dumpster divin') and got a pretty nice little haul. I suspect pure profit - about $200 free cash as I listed several sets I scored. SO MANY clubs getting tossed at my spot. Bags, too. Got a Sun Mountain with a slight issue that I'll get fixed up. Good times..
  9. I got a set of these with regular flex DG shafts that I might pull and install stiff steel. What's the tip diameter of these iron heads? I have some TT Lites that could potentially put in these TA5 iron heads (they are probably tapered tip .355), would those be a decent fit in these iron heads?
  10. I still have mine. And so does Ryan Palmer.
  11. Wow. If true, that's got to be one of the best grabs at a thrift I've ever seen. Unreal.
  12. Was wondering what happened to this thread. Maybe I didn't update my info on this forum to follow this? Seems to have been a big drought lately. With so many people picking up the game lately I wonder if everything that hits the shelves at our thrifts are being snatched up right away?
  13. Thought I was crazy or something. Glad someone else seems to have believed the same thing - those balls were so long.
  14. That wasn't the putter he had at the Masters. Any photos of that putter? Man those Cameron's are ugly as sin (IMO).
  15. I finally got it. Odyssey TriForce 4. A unicorn (tour-only I believe) putter I have been getting email alerts for on eBay for at least 5 years. I think only 3 have popped up in that time:
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