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  1. Perhaps this is a stupid question but when a company says a shoe has "waterproof uppers", what exactly does this mean and is this a meaningful difference from a "waterproof shoe"?
  2. They should consider making them in colors that are not ugly AF.
  3. Need recs for a comfortable, waterproof shoe suitable for walking in Scotland. Obviously, it needs to be a comfortable shoe for various types of weather. Figured I would ask the experts here. TIA.
  4. No discussion of golf polos is complete without considering the nipple factor. Some polos fit nice, feel nice, yet show off protruding man nipples. And it's not necessarily a weight issue. Check out Speith or McIlroy (although sizing is likely their issue). What brands do well in this sensitive area?
  5. I've played RB 10 times. It's a good course; not a great course, and definitely not worth $200. I actually like the Valley Course over the Ridge. Agree completely with others above who have posted about Farmlinks. It's a real treat.
  6. Ordered a mix set (3-6 P790, 7-PW P770). All with KBS Tour Flight X-stiff shafts. Arrived in a week or so. No issues at all.
  7. I tried the same thing on the TM chat and got no where. They were absolutely zero help. And unless you go to The Kingdom, the chances of testing the various models, with the shafts you want, and all irons is basically nill.
  8. About to pull the trigger on the P790s but considering a mixed set.....that is P790s 4-7, and P770s for 8-PW. My concern is gapping, specifically that there will be a big gap between the 7 (P790) and the 8 (P770). Any have thoughts on this?
  9. Did you attend either? I'd love to hear your thoughts.
  10. I'm not claiming to be an expert, but I have a close friend who has a Ph.D. in mathematics. He says all of these calculations are "pretty basic". So while we tend to think of launch monitors as providing complex calculations and algorithms to give us detail on golf shots, I'm not convinced any of it is all that complicated. That being said obviously a $500 machine is not going to be as good as a Trackman, but there's no reason is cannot be good at what it does.
  11. Looks like distance data varies a fair amount, especially with the longer clubs. For Skytrak (which I hope to purchase soon), I am looking for very accurate carry numbers from 120 or so in, and outside of 150 or so that I'm looking for shot shape. How do people feel Skytrak performs on distance accuracy from 120 yards and closer, and with shot shape from 150 yards and out?
  12. Interesting. Carry distances seem to vary a fair amount, especially with the longer clubs. All in all, the results are very similar. I'll also say the display on the Skytrak is way, way better than the GC2.
  13. So we have every response from they'll be "back ordered immediately" to "sounds like a bust". Lol I bet the former will be much more likely to occur. Hell, I'll pop down $500 if it just gives accurate carry distance.
  14. Why is club head speed such a big issue? If ST does not measure it, for $100 you can get a radar that does. Problem solved.
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