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  1. I always enjoy Spring Creek Ranch when I'm visiting Memphis. It's on the east side of town so if you live close to downtown it may not be convenient.
  2. Went to ZX5s with C Taper Lites from PXG 0311 Gen 1 with C Tapers and have the same distances. I expected my distances to be less with the Srixons than the PXGs, but seeing the same yardages. Really nice irons. Very predictable, which is what I want in an iron.
  3. With the popularity of Nashville at the moment, all the clubs listed have long waits and as a result, have seen it as a good time to increase initiation fees. As the initiation fees have increased, it wouldn't surprise me if the waits may be a little shorter than quoted because some people may decide to pass at the higher initiation fee when their name is called. But that is purely a guess on my part. All three courses you mentioned are fantastic options. Think it comes down to where you live between Hillwood and Richland and whether you want a full country club or just golf.
  4. Does that mean we don’t see them until July 29? The PGA tour is in Japan that week. Seems like a strange week to show them off for the first time.
  5. No pictures from the range today at the US Open? Been checking this thread all day waiting to see some new pics from Titleist.
  6. Seth, yes, I'm from Cape Girardeau and a member at Dalhousie. I know I'm partial, but it's one of my favorites! Looks like tomorrow morning is booked at Towhee but afternoon is open. https://towhee.ezlinksgolf.com/index.html#/search
  7. We're aiming for better than pretty decent but glad you made it out @Minarets! Hope the conditioning was promising of the changes to come. New clubhouse and event pavilion on still on pace for a January 2022 opening.
  8. With the current lead times that manufacturers are having, seems like the time to find something already built and available on eBay or the Classifieds and hope that manufacturing catches up.
  9. Wanted to take a minute to let everyone know that the former King's Creek Golf Course in Spring Hill, Tennessee has been rebranded as Towhee Club as of Saturday, May 1st. We're really excited about this project and hope that the course becomes one of the best public golf destinations in Nashville and Middle Tennessee. We know we have a lot of work ahead of us, but so far we have: -Replaced all greens with TifEagle -Reworked every bunker on the course, improving the drainage and putting in new sand -New bridges across the creeks on the property -New fleet of golf carts -Torn down the previous "clubhouse" and have started construction on the new clubhouse and event pavilion, which are scheduled to open in January 2022 -New branding from Seth McWhorter, who has done work for Sweetens Cove and Pinehurst, among others -New website www.towheeclub.com where you can book tee times online -Hired Brian Gordon as GM, came from Hillwood CC in Nashville -Hired Patrick Hensley as Superintendent, came from Richland CC in Nashville We're really excited about the project and hope anyone looking for public golf in Nashville, Brentwood, or Franklin gives us a try. The new clubhouse will have a restaurant and bar that is open for the entire community, not just golfers. If you have any questions, shoot me a DM! Best, Andrew
  10. Glad you made it out there today! As of now, that's all we have planned for memberships, as we want this to be a true public course.
  11. Hopefully this post is allowed, but I work for the group that purchased King's Creek in Spring Hill TN last year out of bankruptcy. The course will be rebranded tomorrow morning as the Towhee Club, named after a bird native to the property. We have renovated the course to have all new TifEagle greens, redid all the bunkers to improve drainage and new sand, and have replaced all of the bridges on the property. We have also gotten a new fleet of golf carts and tore down the original clubhouse and are under construction on the new clubhouse, restaurant, and event pavilion, which will be open this winter. I would encourage everyone to come check it out, as it will remain a public course in the Nashville area. www.towheeclub.com
  12. Unrelated to this post, but do you have the same setup and shafts in your 5-PW? Looking to order this set and shafts.
  13. Got a set of ZX7s to try this weekend. Looking forward to seeing how they do after all the feedback on the forum.
  14. Just saw that Titleist won the driver count at the Masters, with 29 drivers and 23 TSi models. Titleist hasn't won a driver count at the Masters since 2000!
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