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  1. 18 holes of golf, see pictures. Now that I think about it, might have been 27 holes. Other than a major scuff from a cart path, the ball is in great shape. I am not a Titleist guy, currently playing TP5x and the Bridge B ball, but this ball plays and wears great.
  2. JimmyD- would love to see a picture of this. I have played 4-5 rounds with this ball and experienced absolutely no cover issues, none!
  3. 18 holes with the same ball. Absolutely no durability issues, no cover issues at all. I would post pictures but you would all deny that the ball has actually been played. I will throw in that I always clean my clubs and never hit a ball with sand/dirt still on the face.
  4. Michaele- no roasting from me, you are certainly entitled to your opinion. I do take exception to some of your comments though. First, throw a 20+ handicap into this trial and what "specific shot" feedback is he going to be able to give you? A 20+ isn't a consistent enough ball striker to be able to give specific feedback on ball performance. Kind of confirmed with your comments regarding Apex irons. Having single digit handicaps review the ball translates directly to the 10+ handicaps game. Secondly, where did you see that the ball is designed for swing speeds under 90? Lastly, Forester_fire
  5. 4 different shots into greens. Gap wedge, 9 iron into the wind, 7 iron 190 yard down wind and a 8 iron with a little hurting wind
  6. I didn't find the cover durability to be an issue. I played the same ball for 17 holes and unfortunately I hit the ball I used all day in the lake on 18 and had to play a new ball. So, no pictures of that used all day ball. To that point I really didn't see any cover issues other than one of my errant drives that bounced off of a cart path and got scarred up
  7. Okay, not my "official" report but DAMN what a fine golf ball. I don't find it any longer than any other ball I have been playing, but I really enjoyed my round yesterday. Hit 15 greens on the way to shooting a smooth 66 with this ball in winds gusting to 25mph. Ball is easy to flight, easy to control, has just the right amount of spin both on full shots and pitch shots. It doesn't make that click sound like your typical mid range ball makes. As a matter of fact, I would say it feels softer off the face than it does hard, atypical for a "distance" ball. I will post some pictures later today. S
  8. Thank you to golfWRX and Titleist for the opportunity to test, I received the balls on Monday. I haven't had the opportunity to play a round yet but will post a thorough report when I do. I suspect next week. As far as me and my game, 56 years old, Florida golfer, and I am currently playing to a 3.2, swing speed max with a driver is 108. Majority of 2020 I have been playing the new Bridgestone B tour ball and the Taylormade TP5X, but I am always looking for a ball that costs less and performs nearly as well. In the last year I have tried every ball on the market (seriously) and pla
  9. Replaced my Honma forged with T20's in 50, 54 and 58. So far the love is strong with the 54 and 50 but there is a learning curve with the 58. Just a little too much bounce for my game and the firm fairways we play in Florida.
  10. In a post below, answer the following questions. Jacksonville Florida 4.3 Taylormade Tour Response Always looking to improve Precision no absolutely
  11. To be clear, the sales people at golf stores are hourly plus commission, a very small commission. They have to pay their bills off of that job. If you intend to get numbers off of monitors then shop elsewhere, that sucks. The brick and mortar stores have all the overhead to pay for, the labor, the inventory, rent, GC quad etc. Spend the money locally, form relationships with them. The service will be hugely better than it would be buying online.
  12. What are your ultimate intentions? IF you just want to hit some clubs and they know you are not in the market, then no big deal. But, if you intend to use the facilities then go purchase online, BAD FORM
  13. Hehateme

    Srixon Z785 Irons

    I work in a golf shop, national chain, and can play any iron I want, and I play the Z785. Not to dismiss the Mizuno, they make a fine product, it's just the Z785 feels more solid to me, less mushy. What most people describe as soft with the Mizuno's I describe as mushy. IMO there is a fine line at which point you lose feel
  14. Okay honestly, I don't know what you are asking. If you can't afford new irons, no shame in that, then why are you asking if low flight is okay? Based on your post, stiff is too much shaft for you and you are stuck with a low ball flight. I do know that Edwin Watts currently has 150% trade in--
  15. IMO a couple extra degrees of loft does not make an iron a "distance iron". Having said that, the split set of Srixon's work great.
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