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  1. Why are you sorry? How do you know about the level of my deeper connections? Do you play golf with no shoes? That girl in your meme is wearing shoes, is she aware that we are discussing golfing with no shoes? So many questions and so much time.
  2. For you it is ok only if you are making love with yourself and no one else.
  3. I have been playing golf for 37 years and have never seen a policy state you must wear shoes. I have seen the policy relative to spikes versus spikeless overtly stated but not a mandate for shoes, do you have a scorecard or link to said policy?
  4. My duration of employment doing golf maintenance in the southwest, the only application to the surface was granular fertilizer, 20-2-3, and a similar water soluble high nitrogen fertilizer in the greens. The only other thing was green dye. The turf or weed killer was applied but if you are walking in these areas you are doing it wrong, these were in penalty areas. Play with no shoes or with shoes, it’s a free country
  5. They got a tip, looking for Jimmy Hoffa.
  6. If you are going to sell them leave the grips. if you are going to play/hit with them change the grips.
  7. Played Sterling Grove last Friday, my employment ended at SG 3 weeks ago, so now playing as a guest of previous coworker. Tees, fairways and rough have been aerated but greens are scheduled for early July. Course is still in great shape, greens are still firm and fast, but a bit slower than a month ago. The tall grass is not fescue, it’s just an annual rye grass. Toll Brothers management got too many complaints about the tall grass and decided to remove it and have Bermuda put in its place, there will be a transition from the rough to the unkempt Bermuda. Local rule states the
  8. JcPenney Classic was a great mixed event played from 1960-1999. Some real prominent names participated and won the event. https://www.golfcompendium.com/2019/02/jcpenney-classic-golf-tournament.html?m=1
  9. Cleveland 588 Becu off fleece bay
  10. The water on 15 up to the tees is a result of incompetence action by the delivery of water to 15-16 lake. The super has to order water for irrigation (not sure the company or source) and this is the third time they delivered more than requested. I am no longer working at Sterling Grove, but have played it and your review is accurate. Course is still playing under great conditions. They are planning on aerating tees/fairways early June and Greens around July 4th.
  11. What is a wedge? I have an equalizer You can “chip” with any club in the bag, no constraints for me
  12. I started playing in 1984, I played with 1969 Wilson staffs but would have preferred the 1973-75 Hogan Apex irons, they were impossible to find before EBay (left handed). Outside of the lack of being available in 84 what you see in my bag would be exactly what I would have wanted as my playing set
  13. Ordered a new Titleist Tsi3 8 degree with stiff Tensei 65 AV series shaft on May 17th and it showed up today. I had it shipped with the grip not installed, and put my preferred golf pride tour wrap with four pieces of grip tape, so have not hit it....yet. I will say this is a beautiful driver and the last one I will ever buy Playing set
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