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  1. Ben Hogan Edge EX irons FYI On there website
  2. I've read where alot of folks on here seem to be bummed about the shaft offerings from Hogan, with regards to there Irons. Are the shaft selections that bad? I thought KBS Shafts were supposed to be a solid choice. Do they balloon too much or something?...Whats wrong with them?
  3. What other irons do you play? I'd play these in a Heartbeat just the way they are. I will say it's not a bad idea to have a set more forgiving to fall back to from time to time. I think these will make you a better player. But that's just my opinion.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wQt0cL-HDU
  5. I have the Combos, The Top Line is a little thicker..but not bad at all. In my opinion the appearance blends well. If I had it do over... I'd go ICON all the way 4-P and maybe consider a 4 Hybrid and 5 Hybrid for a rainy day. To me there is a gap on yardage in the combo set I'm having a difficult time adjusting to.
  6. You were probably doing it right. They were up on site and I ordered a set. Received an email from BH the following morning asking how I ordered them and that they would have to cancel the order. For some reason they were up on site for just a few minutes and were then taken down. BH stated they are releasing them in the next week or two with an announcement and ask me to check back then.
  7. Friend of Mine...Senior Club Champion Plays i210's and really likes them. I would recommend looking at the Hogan Ptx Pro's If you can. I have them, play them and like them.
  8. Bo Hogan

    Ben Hogan

    I'm very pleased with all of Hogans Products. Purchased Driver and 4 FW, Hogan PTX Pro's as well as Equalizer 50, 54, 58. Wedges. Also using the Old CFT Hybrid. 19* Ive played many-many sets of irons and clubs...probably not unlike most folks on this site. Again Very Pleased...and the prices cannot be beat.
  9. These testers have missed the boat! The Ben Hogan PTX Pro's are not even mentioned in any category.
  10. I have the 10.5 and 4 wood in Stiff Helium. I couldnt be happier. Straight and Long! Head size is perfect to my eye. The driver has a slight buldge like the old persimmons. I don't believe the bulge would work as gear effect ..but I dont maybe it does? I love both these clubs.... very pleased. The Head Covers are cheap!
  11. Maybe replace the 4i with a Hybird.... and.... go Graphite throughout set.
  12. Here you go attached. I forgot where I got this..... hope it helps.
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