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  1. Could someone please check the following serial number on a G410 driver? 285916DP TIA
  2. Wow only 16. Did you have the traditional replacement or anterior? I am 45 and need my right hip replaced. The orthos say I should wait until I am 60. My father-in-law had both his replaced in 2018 by anterior method. He was able to golf about 3 months after but he is also 70. You should ask your surgeon but I wouldn't rush back. Just my 2 cents.
  3. > @Openwater22 said: > Michawye' yesterday. Just a good solid track. We play Michaywe every year on our annual trip up north. Could not agree more.
  4. Just looking for opinions. I walk mostly with a clicgear 3.5 but ride occasionally. Thanks in advance.
  5. > @51phantom said: > Hi Guys, > Can anyone suggest a good course to play between Port Huron and Treetops. Heading to treetops for a guys golf weekend and thinking of playing along the way. Any suggestions are welcomed. we will be going I69 to I75 I would look into The Dream or The Nightmare in West Branch. My group always plays there on the way up north. I have heard great things about Apple Mountain in Freeland.
  6. Awesome. Thanks for letting me know. Much appreciated!
  7. Hey guys. In the past I have gamed the G25, G30, G and the G400 all with the stock stiff Alta. I recently purchased a G400 Max from the BST and it came with 2 shafts - Tensei Orange and Tensie Blue. Both stiff and not the pro shafts. What is the difference here? I have played my last 2 rounds with the orange and it seems lower launching than the Alta (from my G400). Which one of the Tensei's is closest to the Alta? Thanks for your help. I really have no idea.
  8. Larkin utx midsize all the way!
  9. > @Socrates said: > 188389DP G410 DRVR 1 METAL WOODS 5.00 28627 2208102 > FirstPrevious1NextLast > Copy Search Results > > Item Summary > Shaft ALTA CB 55 RED STIFF > Shaft Step > Length STD (45 3/4") > Loft 9 DEG PLUS > Grip GP 360 TOUR VELVET-WHITE > Grip+ > Swing Weight D3 > Status > Enter Date 2019-03-14 Thanks for both Socrates. Much appreciated!
  10. Could I also add 188389DP to be checked? Thanks.
  11. Good morning Mr. Socrates. When you have a moment could you please check AC05602? Thanks in advance!
  12. Does anyone have an update on course conditions around Gaylord? I am heading up Thursday night. Our group of 24 will be playing The Loon, Lakes and Ridge along with Michaywe Pines. Thanks in advance.
  13. I have a group of 24 heading to the Ridge in Gaylord next weekend. $325 per man for 18, 36, 9 with 2 breaky's and 2 dinners. We play Loon, Lakes and Ridge with an offsite round at Michaywe Pines (awesome course BTW). Most of us head up the day before and they charge us $75 for the extra night with breakfast and 9 holes Friday morning. It's the best deal I can find in Northern Michigan. They also have a shuttle that holds about 20 guys and their clubs so you don't have to drive around. The courses are not bad but the guys really like the lodging and proximity to the pro shop/restaurant.
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