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  1. [quote name='Jon Robert' timestamp='1358719395' post='6266425'] I like it about as much as I like eBay sellers venting on a golf forum about eBay buyers [/quote] I sell golf clubs on eBay like most people do on here. Forgive me for posting something that we all experience. Eat a turd sandwich B-)
  2. Don't you love when an hour before your auction ends you get bombarded with stupid questions that are all covered in the listings description. What shaft is in it? Is it stiff? What grip is on it? What condition is it?..... Read the mother father listing jackass! Rant over..... Thanks for being good listeners.
  3. Not a chance. Hes 23 with 2 majors not in his 30's with no drive to practice. Big difference
  4. [quote name='pgolf22' timestamp='1358517772' post='6252047'] Clearly nothing wrong with Nike equipment(who'd of thought?) as Olesen is 7 under after 36. Any idea what putter Olesen is gaming? [/quote] Smartest thing anyone's said in this thread. Thank you! Now the rest of you keep thinking that's it's the equipments fault that his ball striking was terrible this week.
  5. He's swinging it like crap dude. You're looking way to into it.
  6. [quote name='GaryCorlett' timestamp='1357904266' post='6208737'] 3 million is rediculous, the guy is minted and made his fortune out of golf and to ask that much for a weeks work is sad. just makes you want to hate the man even more. he not only cheats but he is a robbing bstard too [/quote] Your spelling is ridiculous.... I don't get where you think he's robbing? Plenty of tourneys pay that for him to show up
  7. Wow candidate for idiot post of the year here. Theoretically the Jordan brand would have died too right?? Theoretically the live strong brand would have died too right?? (I realize its dead now)..... Tiger Woods is golf and has done more for modern golf than anyone ever will. If you ask someone who doesn't play golf or watch golf anything about golf. 99% will say something about tiger.
  8. [quote name='AzPGAPro' timestamp='1357390247' post='6172279'] Interesting. I wonder if it is feel thing. I know the 913 had been available to the TOUR for 6 months, but maybe he is still in the "honeymoon" faze with it. The same thing happened with Stricker a couple of years back. He went back to his trusty 909 until the 910 was ready...and then he cracked the face on the 910 and was forced into the 913 last summer. [/quote] Stricker used 909 forever till that face cracked... Then he went to 913
  9. He plays Nike right away. Why not struggle a bit in the beginning of the year to get used to something by say........ April
  10. [quote name='shaw973' timestamp='1357082817' post='6150151'] Stanly- Watney - Mcilroy- schwartzel- Haas [/quote] No its "new" Nike team............ Haas isn't moving to Nike.
  11. [quote name='2zlinks' timestamp='1357074404' post='6149527'] [quote name='lilmike24' timestamp='1357066692' post='6148861'] PATRICK CANTLAY ! [/quote] I like Patrick for the second from the right. [/quote] Not a chance that's definitely Noh
  12. Aren't these 2 the only ones of the "new" Nike staff playing this week? Maybe Nike was forced to announce these 2 since we will be seeing them decked out this week
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