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  1. Ugh, did you see the new MD5's for 2021/2022. They have a high toe and full face grooves. Look really funky in the pics, not impressed. We'll see how they look in person but your prediction may be correct.....every few years.
  2. I saw this happen in hockey with skates and sticks. With the explosion of composite material in sticks and then skates there was a huge increase in equipment prices. Basically pricing people out of the sport, top end skates were just about $1000. Now I played recreationally and never played as a youth, but I became good and excelled and liked top-end equipment. This may be all conjecture but I feel I could see a lot of the market just waiting for the new equipment cycles and trying to get last years model at closeout/discontinued prices. I know that is what I waited for. We'll see with all this crazy pricing in golf if that happens as well.
  3. Lmao!!! I know right, it is quite big. I made it out of a stuffed animal and I wasn't sure about keeping the arms. I can get quite anal about protecting my graphite shafts from irons banging into them, so I kept the arms as a bumper.
  4. I'm glad I didn't hold out and went with the i210's. Don't get me wrong, they look beautiful but at that cost vs. what I paid for the i210's, I couldn't justify spending that much more. Especially with how amazing the i210's feel and sound.
  5. Also picked up a new driver......shout out to Will Peoples for building this 425 LST with a Tensei 1K shaft, really liking the combo and some real positives from the first session with it.
  6. Got a new hybrid bag to do some more walking and also cart occasionally.
  7. Thanks for all the input guys, it helped a ton in guiding my decision. After some research (always too much research), I ended up going with a Titleist Hybrid 5!! Pretty happy so far....ready to start some more walking and I'll love not having my bag fall over at the range!!!
  8. That is what I’m curious about. With the clubs now going the other way, won’t the 4,5, & 6 be banging into the wood shafts?
  9. I have dealt with them on several phone calls. They have always been helpful and willing to listen, some more than others but that's normal. I will say this, two of the customer service agents who were documenting my issues and helping me with a club exchange were the loudest typists I have ever heard!! They had to of been single finger typing and just slamming into the keyboard!!! I had them on speaker and someone came into the office, immediately had a "wtf" look on their face!!!
  10. Sounds like 2 bags is the way to go. Thanks for all the feedback!!!
  11. Well I was looking into switching from my Sun Mountain C-130 (5-way) into a Ping DLX or Pioneer but I can't get past the idea of a 14-way top. I hate how the clubs get in the way of the putter and come out with it every time you have to pull it out. Maybe I'll keep the Sun Mountain and look at a stand bag and push cart for walking and practice time!!
  12. I had both. I really liked the ZU85 but it did seem a little chunky down by the ball. The sounds and feel are second to none, IMO. I liked the look of the ZX much better at address and liked the idea of a slightly thinner sole and less visibility of the back of the club at address. I have really had to dedicate time to training with it to gain some consistency. I feel I would hook hybrids too much so utility iron is my preference now. I ended up switching the shaft with a graphite design driving iron in both clubs, never regretted it!!
  13. I have been riding in a cart for most of my golf career mostly for time and pace but now that I swing more consistently and I'm not searching for balls all the time, I am considering walking when time allows and using a push cart. My question to the people who do both, do you have two different bags, a riding cart bag and a push cart/walking bag? I wonder because the way I organize my clubs in the cart is to have the woods and longer clubs furthest away and the shorter clubs up front near the putter well, I have a Sun Mountain C-130. This way everything is visible and easy to see and pull out. For the photos I've seen of a push cart, this orientation is switched, it seems the woods are now nearest the putter and the shorter clubs at the lowest point of the now angled bag, leaving all the pockets still accessible. Do I still use my C-130 and switch the clubs around depending on what I'm doing? Do you own two bags to make using the push cart easier? I love the C-130 for riding but it is a pain to take to the range and practice. I end up just laying it on the ground or trying to lean it up against a chair but this is less than optimal as it wants to tilt a lot. Now I feel I need a stand bag and a cart bag but always transferring stuff between them seems to be a pain as well.
  14. I am curious for anyone's take on their purchasing habits and if they have changed at all over the years. I am kind of a mixed bag in the way I purchase. I truly want to help out my local golf shop and I feel the service is second-to-none usually but even getting fit and ordering from your local shop isn't immune to screw ups as I had a doozie earlier this year. I ordered a driver, fairway and irons and they were ordered wrong grips, almost wrong shafts in irons, and someone demoed my fairway before it was realized it was already spoken for, put a skymark on it!!! In the end it sort of worked out but it took a lot of effort on my part. Sometimes though I find it can come down to availability and convenience, some of the huge online golf stores will have stuff in stock and ready to ship to you same day. However, lately I have had such a headache with clubs coming damaged, blemished, or clothing orders completely messed up (wrong size shirt, wrong shirt all together), even bought some grips off Etsy that were total fakes!! I have had maybe a 1 out of 4 success rate this past year with orders. I will sell on eBay because I know my stuff is legitimate but I have become very reluctant to purchase anything on eBay. Let me know what you guys think and what your worst order mess up? No name bashing here please, I'm just curious of the situation and circumstances and how it got resolved.
  15. I don't think I've ever had a complete bag, although I have tried a lot of different brand in all types of clubs. Through all that experimentation I have come to like certain brands in a certain category. PING has been my go to for drivers. Callaway was my leader for my 3 wood through several models but I have been enjoying my Ping fairway, just bought the LST. Utility has been Srixon. I have really like Callaway wedges, Vokeys are a close second. Putter is all over but I have fell in love lately with Bettinardi. I have used several models of Mizuno for irons but I am trying the Ping i210's this year. Although, I did just get a demo of some Ben Hogans. I had the apex pros a long time ago before I started going with mizuno. I have to say the PTx Pro looks amazing. Just got it and can't wait to demo it tomorrow. The V-sole looks cool
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