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  1. I was never fitted for my driver but I hit my brothers M5 that he had fitted for him and I literally hit it 40yds longer. It just hits dead straight line drives where my Max has beautiful trajectory but I know I’m losing big distance. Most likely will buy a M5 or see about getting fit for a SIM
  2. Went from an Odyssey Versa Tank 1 to an Evnroll ER5 and I love it.
  3. Having the lofts and lies checked on my irons. I needed to be at -2 flat and found they were +1 upright. Looking at going from 46* PW, 52,58 to 50,54,58
  4. > @"Sun Devil" said: > OP: were you near Destin? Big difference between that coastal area and Gilbert. Same coast but about 8 hrs south. Born and raised in Sarasota, 45minutes south of Tampa. Absolutely love the golf here
  5. Walked Aguila yesterday morning and had the place all to myself. What a fun track and a beautiful atmosphere. Loved all the walkers paths around. Greens were in great shape and the bunkers were fair. Definitely will play again. I do want to play the Raven though
  6. I’m loving it so far. Haven’t had much time to play yet, have played 3x @ Western Skies and twice at Papago. It’s not as easy to get a last minute early tee time but if I plan two weeks in advance it seems to be ok.
  7. Can’t see anything replacing the MAX anytime soon. Have been thinking about getting fit for a shaft but the Tour65 is just a great shaft.
  8. There’s a junior event going on in the morning but I was able to snag a 2pm evening round at Papago on Sunday so I’m excited to break the sticks out
  9. I must be the only one who doesn’t care what it sounds like as long as it makes putts. ?
  10. Went to the PGA SS yesterday with the intention of buying an Odyssey 7s or a SpiderX if I could get away with the extra money for the TM. My fiancé was with me and I told her I wanted a “7” style head in 35”. Well I’m rolling putts one after another and she’s just pulling clubs off the rack. She pulls this Evnroll ER5, first thing I notice is the funky grip. I held the putter and the weight was absolutely amazing, and surprisingly enough the gravity grip with its flat sides actually was great at keeping the hands quiet. I didn’t make everything in the store with it but I had the most confidence with this club in my hands than anything else there.
  11. I’ve been here for one week and it’s been the worst week ever, lol. That being said, I’m excited to be able to go to either Western Skies or Greenfeild lakes. My Fiancé and I went up to Phoenix today and while we were out we drove by ASU Karsten and then had lunch at Papago. I did roll some putts on the practice green because I got a new putter but I didn’t have enough time for any real golf.
  12. Should be there sometime the week of Feb 11-15
  13. Looks like San Marco is going to be my place to play. I’m hoping to play Papago as my other “away” course. That place looks awesome to play and the greens look lightning fast.
  14. Some great info there for me to take into consideration. We’re looking in the Val Vista area cause it’s close to work and a dog park which is important for us. Toka Sticks and San Marco are two places that look near by and fun. What is the deal with Kokopelli? The pictures look good but I haven’t seen decent reviews of it.
  15. Thanks Guys! I don’t necessarily mind a 30-60minute drive for the right course. My buddies and I would drive 90minutes to Streamsong 2-3x a year. The courses listed give me a solid starting point. Does anyone recommend any of the local discount cards like the city card and the likes? We don’t have many like this in my area. Also, anything decent in Mesa or should I just focus on Phoenix and Scottsdale?
  16. As the title reads. I’m moving for work and a better cost of living. I see there are a lot of mixed reviews on all the courses that aren’t the big 5 or so. I’m looking for a place with some good elevation changes with good slope and a good practice area. But, I’m not looking to pay $4500 to play there either. What are my options ? Or am I being too picky? Just excited to have more options than I have here.
  17. Please, everyone feel bad for me. I don’t understand how anyone could not afford these affordable $3k clubs. Must be nice. They’re no better than clubs made for a 1/3 of the price. Rich people will buy anything if you sell it to them and make them think they’re better than everyone else cause they can afford them.
  18. Well, Rory fell like cheap socks playing in the final round with Tiger. Rose almost gave it all away. Not one Euro player actually played well this week. The Cat came back and everyone crumbled.
  19. The Big Easy. Was impressed with the tempo that Gary Woodland has. Anything but the driver is swung with little effort. You just hear that ball piercing through the air. It’s magic.
  20. Yay! We get another snooze fest between Dallas and Detroit. I’d rather listen to DJ read a book. I’m watching, my father in-law and I are splitting it anyways (I’ll make him take the whole cost). I LOVE football, but it’s always the same boring game every year. This can’t be any worse.
  21. ? Maybe I’m weird. I say, ditch the hybrid add the 5w and GW. Best thing I ever did was lose the hybrid. You can choke down and open the face and hit high soft shots that only go 180 or crank one 225. It’s pretty useful out of the rough as well.
  22. For years I thought the AP2 was overrated. Until I got a set and they’re magical. Buttery feel and not overly chunky.
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