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  1. Popeye what do the Rapid Tapers run? Looking at putting some in a set of 5-PW MMB Blacks or DBMs
  2. Off topic but has anyone ever tried to remove alignment dot from a Maltby wood head? Are they dimpled in or just a paint dot? Maybe a little acetone would remove it?
  3. Looks great. Just wish they would do away with the alignment aid on top. Often wondered if a little acetone would remove it..
  4. Item for sale is a 5-pw set of Project X LZ 5.5 .355 shafts. Shafts length are as follows: 5=36 5/8 6=36 1/8 7=35 5/8 8=35 1/8 9=34 1/2 W=34 1/8 $150 shipped.
  5. Interested in putting graphite shafts in my Maltby dbms.. I have read that they need to be built a half inch longer for swing weight purposes but I'm not really a fan of the longer lengths. I was hoping for a weight around D1. Is there a good way for me to figure out swing weight on my own. I have a scale to measure total weight etc. Also read .370 shafts will be lighter than .355 due to trimming but the .355 are harder to find for a reasonable price. I would like to build one or two to try. Any advice appreciated.
  6. Found a source for used Mizuno demo fitting iron heads.. would there be any known issue of just installing shafts as normal with epoxy in these heads? They have a Allen head screw in backside of hosel. I suppose I could leave that out or maybe cut it flush so it doesn't stick out
  7. Ping Mascot stand bag in very good used condition. Used for about 10 rounds. Got a new bag for Father's day and no longer need this one. Asking $100 plus actual USPS shipping.
  8. Selling a combination set of MP-53 and MP-63 irons. 5-7 are MP-53 and 8-PW are MP-63. Iron's have matching serial numbers and have standard length KBS Tour R flex shafts. Grips are standard Tour Wrap 2G logo down in average shape. Only ugly is a nick at the top of PW hosel - it's on the back side and only really noticeable if your looking for it. Faces are clean with no browning. Asking $195 shipped to eastern US.. add $10 out west. Thanks
  9. Currently playing a set of Mizuno Grad-MP irons and have been looking for another set of irons to try out to make a move to regular flex shafts.. my search led me to a set of Titleist 704 CB's and after a search of reviews and such on WRX found that these irons are non-conforming to the USGA's new groove rule. I looked up the list and sure enough they aren't on there - neither were my Grad-MP's!! Have any of you verified your irons are on the list or do you even care? I realize that it only really matters if you play in USGA events.. but it seems to me that there is/are going to be a TON of ir
  10. Call Tour Edge customer service this afternoon.. stated they had 14 adapters in stock.. got one on the way! Thanks to those who replied.
  11. Tried emailing them but unfortunately never received a response.. will try to locate phone number and call.
  12. Looking to buy a adapter for Exotics XCG6 driver.. found a bunch of E8,E9,E10's.. anyone know if these would fit or I can source a XCG6 one??
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