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  1. Jim- good luck with your event! I have done 100 holes a few times over the last few years and enjoyed it. There's a certain kind of meditation that kicks in throughout the day not unlike riding a century or a marathon-- from what I'm told. I have never run a marathon or ridden a century I surprisingly didn't feel that bad after playing 100 holes. I averaged about 60mins a side, so it took about 11+ hours. I contributed a few bucks toward your goal and I hope it goes well and that the kids truly benefit from your efforts. peace Joel
  2. I have a set of s55 with 110cw that I’ll never get rid of. I feel you, my man! Glws
  3. I still have a bunch of the hex black tours and the same rzn platinums in my hoard. And same here for the yellow ball. I like playing then except when other guys in my group are also playing yellow!
  4. I have been a big fan of the Mini Drivers over the years. Owned the Mini SLDR, the Bertha mini, and the Rapture. The Original One is the best of them all. I play a 6300 yd course ordinarily, that for me, has more holes that require less-than-driver off the tee, so this is just another option off the tee. I use it almost solely off the tee but have tried an occasional shot off the turf when the conditions and situation were right. Shaft is 70gram stiff hulk. I play a 60gram driver shaft and a high 70gram high-lofted 3wood in addition to the mini. Stock shot I can usually get up to high 130s ball speed (my driver is a touch under 150). Total distance is typically 230-250 (compared to driver which will be usually 260-280) I also have perfected this little knockdown with it that I call the mini-stinger if I need to put it in the fairway or keep under the wind and run. For me, I get separation between driver and mini, which is what others often cite as a reason not to play it. And there have been some times when driver goes sideways, which is when I would go to the mini. I only play 3 wedges, so it makes sense for me to have that additional tee club. If I'm playing a long course, which for me is like 6700+, I'll take it out and put something else in. I highly recommend it if it fits your bag. It's also super easy to tinker with TM tipped 3w shafts. I played a couple before I landed on the Hulk. Joel
  5. A 2020 project that never got off the ground. Time to stop looking at them on the work bench and fund other projects. These were picked up off the BST a few months ago. I acquired them but never did anything with the heads. Ping i210 heads only 4i-9i 4&5 red dot and some attempts at paintfill to match 6-9 green dot All are in overall excellent shape, very minimal wear and hardly any sole marks. The 4i & 7i ctp inserts seem to have a little superficial damage from the torch upon pulling from the shafts. Price reflects these imperfections. Serials match for 4 & 5 and then 6-9. I called Ping and confirmed this was the case. Serials are in the photos. $365 shipped/PP See here for more pictures https://flic.kr/s/aHsmTKSVXf I heard that i210s are on backorder for a few weeks (months?). I can ship these out on Saturday if payment is received today. Cash preferred, but would consider trades or cash/trade combos (will add/take cash to balance trades). I don't need irons or driver heads. I'd love a Newport T22, maybe Artisan or NCW raw wedges. Also would be interested in a 60gram stiff titleist driver shaft (Ventus Velocore red, Tour AD DI or MT, Oban Purple, etc) See my long history of positive sales and trades. thanks
  6. @justinmartel77 I'll give you a box of used Great River pencils and a lefty mizuno driving iron for the Scotty. PM me if interested.
  7. I have never played a more unique course than Bayonne. What an experience! glws
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