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  1. I have been a big fan of the Mini Drivers over the years. Owned the Mini SLDR, the Bertha mini, and the Rapture. The Original One is the best of them all. I play a 6300 yd course ordinarily, that for me, has more holes that require less-than-driver off the tee, so this is just another option off the tee. I use it almost solely off the tee but have tried an occasional shot off the turf when the conditions and situation were right. Shaft is 70gram stiff hulk. I play a 60gram driver shaft and a high 70gram high-lofted 3wood in addition to the mini. Stock shot I can usually get up to
  2. Got a TM mini driver that the spec sheet says is 275cc. Looking for something non-stock and leather. The standard 3 or 4/5 headcovers don't quite work. Let's hear what you have! thanks JQ
  3. A 2020 project that never got off the ground. Time to stop looking at them on the work bench and fund other projects. These were picked up off the BST a few months ago. I acquired them but never did anything with the heads. Ping i210 heads only 4i-9i 4&5 red dot and some attempts at paintfill to match 6-9 green dot All are in overall excellent shape, very minimal wear and hardly any sole marks. The 4i & 7i ctp inserts seem to have a little superficial damage from the torch upon pulling from the shafts. Price reflects these imperfecti
  4. @justinmartel77 I'll give you a box of used Great River pencils and a lefty mizuno driving iron for the Scotty. PM me if interested.
  5. I have never played a more unique course than Bayonne. What an experience! glws
  6. Their warehouse is absolutely stunning, I might add. I did a trade-in actually in-person in 2019 and was very pleased with the bonus they gave for purchasing other stuff from the inventory. Granted, I haven't been there since the pandemic started, but the amount of gear they had in there was staggering. If you could think of it, they probably had it. The people there were very friendly and knowledgeable and love golf (who knew employees could feel such a way?!) And if for some reason you're passing through Hartford on I84 like on the way to Boston, it's a very easy on
  7. Yeah- the shirt looks like Club Pro Guy’s.
  8. Ping I210; Titleist 712U in 4* bent 1 strong w/a DI shaft
  9. Holy s***- I'm JQ and I've wanted to get back into a raw L-grind lob wedge...
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