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  1. Looking for a Nippon GOST hybrid shaft stiff or tour stiff New or used what do you have?
  2. Their warehouse is absolutely stunning, I might add. I did a trade-in actually in-person in 2019 and was very pleased with the bonus they gave for purchasing other stuff from the inventory. Granted, I haven't been there since the pandemic started, but the amount of gear they had in there was staggering. If you could think of it, they probably had it. The people there were very friendly and knowledgeable and love golf (who knew employees could feel such a way?!) And if for some reason you're passing through Hartford on I84 like on the way to Boston, it's a very easy on
  3. Yeah- the shirt looks like Club Pro Guy’s.
  4. Ping I210; Titleist 712U in 4* bent 1 strong w/a DI shaft
  5. Holy s***- I'm JQ and I've wanted to get back into a raw L-grind lob wedge...
  6. DJQwrx

    Help on SM8

    For years, I used the sm4 54* m-grind equivalent which was 11* bounce, virtually the same as the current sm8 d grind which is 12. At that time I paired it with the 58S and then later 58L. I did that because the shots I demanded of the lob wedge were different than the 54* so to me having different soles and bounces offered up more versatility. I picked up the 54D right before lockdown and love that high bounce crescent feel once again; it’s a great wedge For what it’s worth, I play a 60* high-tie now bent strong and won’t be changing that any time soon. Just my $.02 Joel
  7. Tour issue M5 miraculously at the same loft. Hits the same window with a little more juice and forgiveness off the tee. But I will never get rid of my trusty m2.
  8. I used mine about a month ago with the app. It gave basic data on the iphone. I know that in the past, the website showed information that was not available just on the mobile ap (in particular angle of attack). When I went to the website and logged in, I could- but it would not connect and bring up any swing data new or old. They have to be out of business. There is nothing coming from their organization whatsoever and the servers that mean anything seem to be down. Too bad, it was a useful tool for what it was. Gamegolf is going in that direction, btw. The current climate depends on more th
  9. I think they’re out of business.
  10. Hey all- I have heard a lot of good things about this track and its Raynor roots. Does anyone have a rundown of the design features and what I shold look for if I play it?
  11. Looking for some ideas in getting out the weight cartridge in the sole of my 818H2. I have unscrewed the cap and can see it in there. I can't seem to get it out. I've tried: needle-nose pliers, banging it, a blast from my air compressor. Nothing has worked. Any ideas? Has this happened to anyone else? Joel
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