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  1. As a runner, I see a huge battle going in marathon running world at elite levels with Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next % shoes. These shoes have dramatically altered the competitive balance at top levels but only with incremental benefits at lower levels.
  2. Perhaps slow fairways and fast greens?
  3. I have played both St.Andrews and Carnoustie last year. Old course has the aura, history and you can feel the presence of old ghosts but for pure golf course experience, Carnoustie has it in spares and more. I got chills hitting a good drive and walking down Hogan's alley, felt the moment of 99 and 07 final holes as we walked up to that green. FYI, I birdied Carnoustie 18th and my brother Old Course 18th. My brother said it perfectly "now I can die with a smile on my face"
  4. Thanks for posting. Story of perseverance, determination and love for family & sport.
  5. Top 15 at the most even with wins because he has not met minimum 40 event divisor.
  6. Not sure how anyone can make better blade irons or wedges than Nike VR Pro? They are as good as it gets imo.
  7. LOL. I have to agree on the originality ?
  8. Natalie Gulbis of PGA tour I just got dumber reading your post. Try researching records before making lazy comparisons. I’m only replying so that no one else actually thinks that you might be even close to correct. #WinterIsAlmostOver I think it's my perception of the popularity vs results. Key word is perception.
  9. Sharma winning would be great for the game of golf if you want to grow the game around the world. He has credentials and currently leading race to Dubai on the Euro tour with two wins this year. Having said that, long ways to go and great players are chasing him.
  10. A one inch putt counts the same one stroke as 375 yard drive, so it doesn't matter how you make that stroke. I see this differently, the value of having a great short game is higher than driving the ball because most of the strokes are made near the green.
  11. indiangolfer


    https://www.golfdigest.com/story/thanks-to-tiger-woods-honda-classic-ties-best-tv-mark-of-tour-season ******************************" If he contends, they will come. Despite some blowback regarding the amount of coverage he's entitled to, it's clear that Tiger Woods continues to resonate with the public. Thanks to an admirable performance from Woods, CBS reported a 38 percent audience increase over last year's tournament, which was broadcast on NBC and infamously featured Johnny Miller criticizing Rickie Fowler's four-shot win. CBS pulled in 2.9 overnight rating, which tied for the best
  12. Forgot about Abacoa. Spot on about the popularity of Jupiter.
  13. For your money what's the best course in FL? Great question. The place I enjoy playing the most is Jupiter Hills, the Hills course. I love the attention to detail, and the starkness of the sand scrub with the emerald green of their fairways. A close second is the Par 3 in Palm Beach. When buddies come into town we always play there. It's a blast to play, right on the water both ocean and river. You can't beat it for what it is. My club is a close second, although I don't enjoy playing my club, because although it's immaculate with flawless putting surfaces, when I play all I see are problems
  14. To get to 116mph, JT swings out of his shoes, literally. I am a big fan of JT but as a guy with slight body he will be susceptible for the same kinda injuries that are starting to pile up on Day & Rory. I am convinced that longevity of the current generation of players is going to much shorter than previous generations but I think that is fine considering how much money they make.
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