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  1. Basically asking for my dad. He has the original Callaway Epic and wanted to know if he could put more than one movable weight in the back slider. I told him I believe he could put 3 in there if he wanted because I don't think there is a USGA rule on the number of weights or amount of weight but I could be wrong.
  2. Is there a limit as to how many removable weights you can put on a driver?
  3. I completely agree, and my results are a testament to that. I own three sets of irons; Srixon z785, Srixon z545, and Cleveland Launcher HB which are a full set of hybrid irons. If I cared about looks, the z785's would be in the bag all day everyday. But after too many times of inconsistent iron play and continued frustration, I decided to put my ego to the side and now game the Launcher HB's. They allow me to do so much more with the swing I have. They are so forgiving whether you hit a little near the toe, heel, low on the clubface, a fraction before the ball, etc. And they put the ball on a
  4. You definitely need to try the Bridgestone Tour B X. It's my new gamer now coming from TP5 X. Very similar performance, but IMO better durability, and the TP5 is no slouch in that department.
  5. Yea I just bought a dozen Cut Blues to try them out and literally the first wedge shot with a brand new ball put some gills on the ball. On another hole, with a different brand new ball, I hit a half wedge from 60 yards out just to see what it would do to the ball, and again, the ball was cut up when I got up to it on the green. That was the last shot I hit with one and have since thrown the entire dozen in the drawer. Who knows if I'll ever play them, because the Bridgestone Tour B X is amazing and is a tank in the durability department.
  6. Seriously, try a 5 wood. Just got my Callaway Rogue 19* and it is awesome. Way easier to hit from the fairways than a 3 wood.
  7. Cleveland Launcher HB's. They unseated my Srixon 785's due to insane ease of use and great launch conditions for me. They don't look as pretty in the bag, but my score doesn't care.
  8. I will definitely try that when I get home today. Other than shims though, what was the tape others were referring to that works just as well as shims?
  9. Also, the guy on GolfWorks website actually says their Quick Center aluminum oxide is used to center the shaft and help tighten the shaft fit in the hosel. He says the aluminum oxide is bigger and courser than shafting beads, so it does a better job. I guess maybe what I did maybe wasn't the worst idea after all???
  10. They actually say on the Golf Works website that their Quick Center is aluminum oxide that is a medium grit, 46 medium. Googling conversion charts, it shows 46 grit as being 0.014" take that for what it's worth I guess.
  11. I use the Quick Center from GolfWorks. It's diameter is .004" I believe and it is basically aluminum oxide beads rather than glass shafting beads.
  12. The silica sand doesn't act as sort of a "shim" if you will?
  13. Hi @Howard_Jones Just wondering what your thoughts are on this; I have a set of the Cleveland Launcher HB irons which are .370 hosel, and a set of DG Tour Issue X100's which are .355. I bought some brass shims from the GolfWorks, but when I was dry fitting them on the shafts, I decided that the difference of .015 might not even be worth it to use the shims, because I also have Quick Center from the GolfWorks, which is the tiny sand granules. I decided to just use a bit more epoxy and some Quick Center and skipped the shims. The shafts cured for over 24 hours before I took them out for a te
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