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  1. Right what I meant was it was his play today that forced Paddy's hand to sit him in the morning foursomes. I have every reason to believe prior to the start of play that Paddy had him penciled in for Saturday morning session.
  2. Rory played the worse of anyone on any team today. A complete no show. You have to think he played his way out of the morning foursomes tomorrow.
  3. 1. City, State? Northampton, PA 2. Handicap? 12.7 3. What is your current driver? Tour Edge EXS Driver 10.5 4. How could the Cleveland Launcher XL Lite help your driving? Could improve my distance. I do feel like my current driver helps with accuracy but sacrifices distance. 5. What loft and flex Cleveland Launcher XL Lite would you like to win? 10.5 R flex 6. Do you agree to post a driver review on the Cleveland website? Absolutely. 7. Do you agree to take high quality photos, write an in-depth review, and be part of an on-going testing thread? Certainly, happy to do so.
  4. 1st situation - I would hit the 5 hybrid all day. The only reason you should lay up on a par 4 is if your potential landing area is a certain penalty (water hazard, unplayable area) where you are forced to take a penalty drop. At an 18 handicap you should be able to get your ball out of the bunker and on the green with one shot more often than not, even if you have to aim a little away from the hole to make sure you get it on the green, 2 putt and race to the next hole. 2nd situation- I would play 3 rounds using one strategy and 3 rounds using the other strategy and see if there is any appreciable difference in your scoring average. If one strategy significantly improves your scoring average I would pick that and stick with it.
  5. Two of Cantlay's wins are a bit hollow. The Memorial he backdoored because Rahm was forced to WD. The Tour Championship because Rahm actually beat him in strokes but because of the goofy TC rules he started ahead enough to hold on.
  6. Amen to that. We love to focus on the top dogs of the game but how about some love for the Charley Hoffman, Kevin Streelman, and the Ryan Palmers of the tour. Guys that aren't perennial winners on tour but find a way to make the playoffs more often than not and avoid having to play for status on Korn Ferry.
  7. I will say this. Rahm did have a hand in his own demise here. Had he not choked the Northern Trust away that is 2 wins heading into the Tour Championship which he would have then won based on the points and would have ensured POY.
  8. I'm surprised it took someone this long to go there. I completely agree. I get why someone like Phil wanted to lose weight and try different dieting as a means to extend his career on the big tour but it made zero sense for Gary Woodland right in his prime to do something so drastic and needless.
  9. They will have enough potential drama with the Brooks and Bryson. No reason to make it a trifecta and throw Reed into the mix. I would have rather seen Na and Kisner over Berger and Scheffler but I understand both Na and Kis are short knockers by tour standards and they are playing a long course so on paper it makes sense but Ryder Cups are rarely won on paper.
  10. I don't mind if there is one longer par 3 where from the proper tee box you need to hit a long iron or hybrid but some of these layouts where some have to hit 5W+ is a bit contrived. There was one course near me that had a par 3 playing 220 from the middle tees. The problem is this course only had 3 tee boxes so many seniors were playing from the middle because it's an otherwise short course (just under 5700 yards - middle tees) and hitting driver and still coming up 20-50 yards short every time. Just this year they created another tee box and it plays 175 which is much more reasonable for most players playing from middle tees.
  11. It depends. I shoot in the 80s regularly and I would say that many 80s golfers possess the ability to execute the same shots that most single digit handicappers can. The issue is we aren't consistently executing them at the rate of a lower index player. The biggest advantage I find premium urethane balls can give nearly any golfer over surlyn balls is dispersion. Now if you hack the ball all over the place and frequently duff shots then it won't matter. But if you are someone that can hit 10 mid irons shots at about the same distance-ish (within 10 yards of each other) in the same general direction on most shots you will find a more consistent dispersion pattern over the cheaper surlyn ball. I also personally find I putt better with urethane balls. I feel like on mid range putts with surlyn they can really jump off the face and get away from me. With urethane I just feel a lot more control with the ball and can stay aggressive with my stroke.
  12. I've definitely never played a par 3 that is 250. Heck there is a public course nearby that has a driveable par 4 that is 245 from the blues and most better players are reaching with fairway woods. But if I was confronted with a similar hole that you described I would have likely played it the exact same way. I know going in there will be some holes based on length and feature that I would never be able to approach like a scratch to plus handicap would.
  13. I see that as well. I was playing with a buddy who is rather new to the game and we were playing from the whites (middle tees - approx 6100 yards) and we get to a par 4 that on the card for whites says 400 yards. He hit a really good drive in the middle of the fairway and I scoped the yardage for him and he had 100 yards to the pin. "Wow I hit a 300 yard drive!" No, he didn't. The white tee box was moved up to the back of the senior tee box which is about 40 yards in front of the normal white tee box and the pin was front on a very large green. So 400 was really playing about 335 yards. A 235 yard tee shot for a newbie is nothing to sneeze at but I can see how others would do the same and assume they drive the ball further than they actually do.
  14. Hybrid iron sets like the Cleveland HB Turbo/Halo XL, W/S Launchpad, and Cobra T-Rail are not just for high handicaps, slow swing/short knockers, and seniors. Anyone who cannot consistently break 80 owes it to themselves to demo these types of clubs.
  15. RockBottomGolf has the U-Pro for $15 when you buy 2+ dozen.
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