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  1. Volunteering at US OPEN at Winged Foot. My friend and I working our 3rd open, I worked a full day on the leader board on 13(?) par 3. I was looking for my buddy as I was going to ask him to get me a coke. Now he is pretty easy to spot , 6'3" 2 60. I didn't see him anywhere until I see the arm raising the roof. He had eased his way into the last group as the sign boy, which looked like a tooth pick in his hands. A 30 year old man taking the place of a 14 year old kid. He was having a blast walking inside the ropes with the last group on Friday. Signed golf balls and all.
  2. My first set were Ben Hogan APEX PC 30+ years ago. I still have them after rescuing them from my parents house. I wanted to regrip them and play with him but afraid the shafts will blow up. The blades are so small, I do hit the PW in the back yard more like a sand iron.
  3. good looking clubs, what I wanted but the i 5 came out.
  4. What is the difference between 2 or 3 wraps of tape or installing Mid-sized grips? Do you lose feel with the mid-size. In the past it was believed that you would push the ball with a bigger grip??
  5. What an awesome giveaway, I use it indoors until wilder days when I would bring it to the range and work on solid contact and a smooth swing. To finally jump start the season.
  6. I purchased my i5's then attended the PGA at Baltusrol and I was hot to see the i10 was in staff bags. So all PING fans will be looking out as to what the new iron will be, i25, s55 anser?????
  7. 18oz-wide-mouth-hydro-flask for me, keeping it cool on hot days
  8. I'm in, glad I didn't buy the RAZR Fit. Sharp looking
  9. Good to know, I still play the i5's and think these look sharp but what is around the corner? Almost put the i20's in the bag but price drop indicates something else might be around the corner. I did that with the i5's weeks later saw the i10 at PGA CHAMPIONSHIP. I think I'll have to demo the G 25
  10. Anyone else cut the belly pitter down?? I bought a Odyssey Sabertooth Belly last year. After a month I did not have any positive results and planned on having it re- shafted for a conventional putter. This was not happening to fast so I cut the shaft down and place a SUPER STROKE BELLY LITE on the putter. Great weight, balance and rolls the ball. Plus inside the leather is a little tighter. Anyone else try this? Apparently TM blades know about this heavy shaft to counter balance.
  11. What shaft are you playing? I assume you were fit for the shaft, where?
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