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  1. Player is like all of his course designs; short and crooked.
  2. I stand by my post despite opinions to the contrary. I am obliged to respect different opinions,,,are you?
  3. I have the utmost of respect for police and law enforcement. For the most part, they do an unbelievable amount of good at great risk to themselves for our benefit and protection. Thank you to all police and their support staff for all they do. This dash cam video should never have been released. It serves no purpose except to humiliate Tiger. But what it really does is tarnish the image of the police in Jupiter. It is obvious to even a 10 year old that Tiger needed medical attention, not 30 minutes of sobriety tests. 3 minutes was enough for anyone, especially a trained police officer to see Tiger was in physical danger. I am very upset that the officer involved continued his self serving testing of Tiger without concern for Tiger's health and safety and even more disgusted at this video even being released. There was NO PURPOSE to show the public this video. It may initially seem to shame Tiger, but it really shames the law enforcement community.
  4. ALL courses in Orlando are cheap in July. But beware, that July Florida sun and heat will put you in the hospital,quick.
  5. He seems like a great guy. I hope he continues to flourish in his broadcasting career.
  6. For those who have tried both, which ball is longer off the tee,,FG Tour or Duo U?
  7. Sergio is someone whom I find "easy" to like despite his past boondoggles. Paddy is someone whom I find it "difficult" to like in spite of his never having done anything to deserve that feeling. I also feel the same about Mickleson vs Couples and DJ vs Rory. There is something in the human psyche that generates these feelings both in the observer,,and in the observed. It is the "gut" feelings we have as human animals that we simply cannot ignore. It is instinct and we should all pay attention to it's meaning.
  8. My friend and I were paired with two young gun scratch golfers just two days ago. One of them worked for a well known putter company. My friend mentioned he had a "tour" stamped putter [ I will not name the company because it would cause major depression for many on here] and the guy who worked for the putter company said: " You want to know the difference between a tour stamped putter and one off the rack? It's the stamp. Nothing more, nothing less."
  9. I've been using this ball here in Florida for about 3 months now. For my moderate swing speed ( 90-93) it was noticeably longer,,about 15 yards than the ProV1 I had been using. Green side spin is a little,,I mean just a little less than the ProV,,other than that I see no difference. The DuoU is my ball for the forseeable future. One other thing,,I get more roll out due to less spin off the driver, but iron spin is great.
  10. I have posted on two other threads about the Piretti. I was a Betti/Scotty fan for years. Have a Betti BB8 with the gold plated insert [ model is about 15 years old but still mint] and a Scotty California Monterey. The Piretti Cortino 2 is so far superior in feel, roll and accuracy it's no contest as far as I'm concerned. In the past 2 months two of my playing partners plus my wife[ an excellent golfer] have switched to Piretti. One played a TM Spider, the other a Bettinardi BB8 and the third a Circle T Newport 2. They all agree,,,the Piretti is superior in feel and performance They watched my putts made improve dramatically and tried it on the practice putting green. Afterwards, they all made the switch.
  11. When struck on the sweet spot my Cortino 2 has a dense thus sound and feel. If I miss slightly it has more of a dull click to it. The good news is you will hit the sweet spot more often after a few rounds and you will realize that the Piretti has the most consistent performance of any putter available. Consistent line and distance is why I now use a Piretti and have sidelined my Scotty, Betti, Rife, Ping and others.
  12. I did a head to head putt off between my Piretti Cortino 2 vs my Scotty California Monterey. Putted 3 with each back to back for a total of 60 putts. The Scotty felt a little softer/hollow whereas the Piretti was more dense/solid. Directionally the Piretti was much more consistent. The Scotty seemed to roll a bit offline at times for no reason I could determine. The Piretti was way more consistent with distance control as well as direction/line of putt. It felt as if the Scotty would sometimes "pop" off the face for no apparent reason, therefore the distance inconsistency. To my scientifically untrained self I would speculate that the Scotty behaved more like a cavity back but the Piretti behaved like a muscleback. This is probably not a realistic analysis but the only way I can explain it. Even bad putts with the Scotty felt good as opposed to the Piretti giving a true feedback feel as to the accuracy of the strike. Conclusion; the Piretti gave me the confidence to "trust it" just before the stroke. Just my 2 cents.
  13. A third member of my playing buddies now MUST have a Piretti Cortino 2 1.5 flow neck. Results don't lie,,, just an awesome putter.
  14. I've had no customer service issues at all. They have responded quickly and with a very accommodating demeanor. Putter was spot on lie, length and loft.
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