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  1. After a trying day at work at a busy golf club somewhere in america I need to vent and to let people know what not to do when you check in at a golf course. 1.Please know what name the tee time is under and what time it is. Every day countless people come up to the counter and say they are here to play golf. I ask what tee time do they have? They don't know. I ask what name it is under, they don't know. We have three 18's on property, I ask what course they are playing, they don't know. Then they just stare at me. Sir I reply we have three different courses here two regular and one championshi
  2. I am using a 43" driver by accident. I had two friends testing different shafts in a ping g and i have the same driver and i was throwing a few into my head and trying them out. I put in a shaft and started hitting straight bombs. I could not believe it it felt great. Told them i was keeping that shaft and was informed that it was a 3 wood shaft. I didn't even notice. 6 months later i still have it in my driver and have not hit the driver better.
  3. I picked up a gap wedge used that matched my other wedges but it had a graphite senior flex shaft. I took it to the local club builder/fitter for a steel shaft and he put in a shaft pulled from a vokey. After three months it is the best club in my bag. I have more confidence with that club. My question is can i take that club to the clubmaker, tell him my story and ask him to match all the other irons in my bag to that feel and weight ect. Or is that impossible? Thanks for any input.
  4. [quote name='Bogey_Fly_By' timestamp='1395266385' post='8906877'] I know it is an old post but I am looking for some new people to partner up with as well. [/quote] Me to. Just moved here last month.
  5. How about a Mint Ping i20 driver 9.5* with a Fierce golf tour deep stiff 64 gram shaft?
  6. Found this one on Ebay. A bridgestone J33 hybrid in 17 degrees. Everything I have seen about these clubs is that they come in 15*, 18*, 21*. Could this be a tour issue or fake? http://www.ebay.com/itm/BRIDGESTONE-HYBRID-J33-17-/300968851953?pt=Golf_Clubs&hash=item46132439f1
  7. [quote name='Aglith' timestamp='1335827065' post='4818874'] Does anyone know the difference between these two V-Steels? Is one of them an older model? [/quote] The one on the left is the European version of the v-steel. It is a little more low profile than the one in the U.S. game one with a rombax 7w06 will see if a rbz tour beats it out of the bag.
  8. Because I am [b]stupid[/b]! Still can't knock out the Macgregor M685 out of my bag. Last up was the TM MC and not even close.
  9. Hi all, I was cleaning out my workroom today and came across some old catalogs of shafts and began to think about a few shafts that I never got to use. My favorite was a Composite Dynamics retro shaft and a Phoenixx shaft. how about you?
  10. Hi all from the midwest, will be down in sarasota for a few months looking to play some golf. Know nothing of the golf courses down here. If you need a spot filled for a foursome let me know. Thanks.
  11. Hi all I am going to be in Sarasota for a few months and was looking to get fitted for a new driver. Anyone in the area have a favorite place to go? Any help would be great.
  12. I am interested in the 2009 22* rescue. I have a 54* Titleist spin milled oil can and a 58* Titleist spin milled great shape. Also a Ping G10 14* three wood with a GD YSQ 65 stiff. Also Have 54* and 58* Bridgestone Liquid copper WC wedges. Let me know if anything interests you. Thanks.
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