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  1. So update on my new T200 irons. As mentioned previously i came from 2019 T200s and ordered exact same config in the new T200s (Modus105x, +1/2" and 1 deg up.). Had quite a few rounds and a lot of range sessions in and after tonight I am pretty much done with them. Although better looking than the 2019 they do not feel as good, do not perform as well and in particular the turf interaction is much worse than the 2019. Big disappointment and yes I have gone back and done multiple side by sides with the 2019. Definitley missing more greens with them and if I do hit the green my proximity to the pin is not good. Another comparison point - my son got his new Titleist T100 tonight. He loves them and much prefers them to the 2019 T100s he was coming from. I hit them and even though the PX 6.5 shaft is too stiff for me....they were way better feel and performance to my T200s. Obvious I guess and maybe not an Apples to Apples comparison but I was shocked by the difference. T100 less forgiving, for sure, but again not as bad as I thought they would be. Definitley playable and usable. Also they had much better turf interaction than my T200s. So I am now going to order a set of T100S so I get similar (ish) distance to the T200 but feel and turf interaction of T100. Expensive mistake. I still love my 2019 T200s and keeping those as a solid backup. I know a lot of folks here love the new T200s and please know I am not in any way trying to pee on your cornflakes and debate how absolutely good they are. They just do not work for me and merely detailing my experience. I am sure I am in the minority!
  2. I feel exactly the same about the T200s. Not exactly a popular opinion in that thread
  3. Hoping that Westwood is used sparingly and not put anywhere where there is a need to make a critical putt under pressure. I had hoped that 2016 was the last time we saw Lee as a player The Euro team does look better now its finalized but I just feel USA is too deep and a lot of the euros (Hatton, Fleetwood, Casey and even Rory) are not on top form. Hopefully the Euros get inspired but I think US will lead going into singles and no way Euros win that session.
  4. So managed to get 13 holes in with them, plus some pre-round range-time comparing them to my original T200 set. Both T200 sets spec'd exactly the same -Modus105x, +1/2"and 1deg up. My quick summary impression is....meh not a lot in it. i think the original T200s feel a bit better and definitely go through the turf easier. I also think the originals look a bit better at address and seem to have a thinner top line than the new model. The new T200s look better in the bag and may go a few yards longer. Forgiveness is a wash. I'll give them another spin next weekend and report back with more thoughts. I wish I was good enough to play the 100s...
  5. Taking mine out on the course now for a quick 9 before the Pats game!
  6. Great to hear all these positive reviews. Mine have been shipped and hoping they make it by this weekend. Ordered same config as my current T200s - 5-GW with Modus 105X. Someone asked earlier about their forgiveness compared to previous gen T200. Once I get my new set in then I'll post a full review but comparing the demo 7 iron I'd say there was not much if any difference in forgiveness. The thing that sold me was the looks and the better consistency of the new model. Looking down at address, its just like an earlier AP2 model - like a 714, so more compact than the previous T200.
  7. I ordered a set of the new T200s 5-GW and intend to add 54 and 60 wedges. while i wait I am actually playing the old version of T200s and to be honest am loving them. Switched from JPX 919 Hot Metal Pros. Same level of foregivness as HMP but, for my swing, T200 turf interaction is better. I have also surprisingly been enjoying the 48 GW. I figured that GW would be a bust and I'd just get an equivalent Vokey but its really nice. Basically an old school PW that I can hit 120 comfortable but can also hit some 100 yard knock downs when needed. When I compared the new and old T200 7 irons - I thought the older T200s actually felt a little softer! The new version was more consistent distance wise and looks way better. Good enough for me. I tried the 100s and while I did like them on good shot I know that they are just a little too much club for me. I considered doing an 5-8 T200 and 9-GW 100s combo but my enjoyment of the current, older version T200 swayed me to a full set
  8. i have modus 105 X in my irons and went 120S in my wedges. Seems to blend well. so maybe you could try a 120R to go with your 105S irons? Also....I am waiting on SM8s and going to have them retro fitted with Modus 115 wedge as an experiment. Not hit them but heard good things.
  9. i really like the T200s. My son had them for a while before he switched to T100s. Hitting them against my Mizuno Hot Metal Pros - i thought they were very comparable both performance and feel, They look great at address with a nice thin top line, ok-ish offset and are very forgiving. The only downsides are 1) The PW is 43 degs so you'll need a 48 deg wedge 2) The 8 iron up do not have the circle-screw thing in the back cavity and they feel different to the 7 iron and below. i prefer the feel (and look) of the 7 iron and below. Hoping the new T200s sort this out or maybe its worth considering a T200/T100S combo?
  10. Index is 5 to 6. Historically fairway wood always have been the problem child of my bag. Usually stick with Titleist but never really loved them and to be honest avoided hitting them unless driver was absolutely not an option. This year my son's instructor (who is a Titleist guy) put me onto the Ping 425 MAX / Rogue 80 in 14.5 degs and I freaking love that club. Also bought the Ping 410 with EvenFlow Black 85 and that is almost as good if not quite as pretty looking.
  11. Not a senior (only 57) but I switched from Titleist fairway and hybrids to the Ping 425 max 3 wood and hybrids. They are so much easier to hit than my previous TS3 and 816s it was laughable. In fact after hitting the Ping hybrids the first few times I actually did laugh out loud at how much more forgiving they are. I cannot recommend them enough. I always hated 3 woods but now I love this one I also got a 410 fairway as a backup and that's just as easy to hit as the 425 max but does have the fugly turbulators on the crown. Never even considered Ping before now I am seriously thinking of trying out the i210 irons
  12. Forgot to mention - a few years back I tried the original CBXs and they really did not work. Did not like the feel and the turf interaction. This 56 CBX2 is much superior and really like the black finish.
  13. Currently play 50/54/60 SM6 vokeys. After having one too many awful wedge approach days after striping driver/3 wood off the tee I decided I needed a change. Yes I know its me not the club but I figured just looking down at something different would help, Bought a CBX2 56 deg in black finish. Hit balls and chipped/pitched a few this AM, Have to say I am impressed. Looks great at address, surprisingly nice softish feel and the grind bounce worked really well both in the rough and tighter fairway lies. Will see how it performs on the course and what its like out of the sand but if its still good I can see myself getting a full set of these.
  14. yes indeed - Sandy was so naturally talented and perhaps the greatest 1 iron player of all time. I think Seve said something like "if we all play our best, Sandy wins".
  15. Same here - my son has 20 stars so which gets him into nothing around here. He just verbally committed for 2022 so I think maybe just play state and New England/NY tourneys.
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