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  1. [quote name='cfmgolf' timestamp='1407376991' post='9875969'] Would be better served hitting Heatherwoode a few miles up the road. Greens will definitely be better. Great 36 hole day would be Heatherwoode in the am and yankee trace in the afternoon. Would be better than shaker in my opinion having played all three of them for years while living there. [/quote] Agree with this guy. 2 great tracks right there. Nothing against shaker run I enjoy that course.
  2. Have some boxes of the regular tour preferred! Shipping out tomorrow!! Catch a box before I head to the post office!!
  3. Played Elks Run out in Batavia Greg Norman design golf course sunday. Its about an hour drive from where i reside so we generally dont play out there too often. This was the first time this year we made it out there. Man the greens were pretty beaten up.. Started gave us a big lecture before we teed off about how they hate the general public golfers that think they can drive the carts wherever they want. That book tee times on golf now ( We actually booked on golf now but still paid $40 ). I always play solid at that course fits my eye pretty well.. But bummed out by the greens. fixed about 5
  4. [quote name='Frohlich' timestamp='1405356349' post='9697797'] [quote name='CincyCreech' timestamp='1401724239' post='9413927'] Anyone else ever played Harbor Links at Sagamore resort? Curious to what your take is on the course? P.B. Dye course.. First off I really like the course, it was in great shape when we played it Sunday. Most holes are pretty forgiving off the tee, It's biggest defense are the greens. Lots of undulations, ways to feed it to the hole and also to leave you in some terrible spots. Pretty scenic golf course with it being on brookville lake. With this only being my secon
  5. http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/1070949-classified-transaction-question/ 1.) 35" Bettinardi Mizuno C-01 ping grip w/ Scotty headcover $75 shipped 2.) Taylormade Tour Preferred I have a handful of each $30 per dozen shipped firm. SOLD OUT OF THE X Let's move em
  6. Anyone have any coupon codes for budget golf that currently work? Looking to buy some clothes Thank you!
  7. *Deleted Old Post* Wanting to move a couple things. Listed below -Possible Trades- Wedges 54,60 with TT S400 Size 13 shoes 4 or 5 wood more open to trades but cash talks. Any offers just shoot me a pm whether it's a trade or cash offer 1.) Mizuno Bettinardi C-01 35" ping grip w/ scotty headcover $80 shipped Putter is in pretty good condition light marks, scratches etc. 2.) Tour Issued Cleveland classic 310 Beta 70x $75 Club is in awesome shape no dings or marks 3.) Original SwingByte NIB $30 shipped 4.) NIB Taylormade preferred & preferred X dozen $30 per box
  8. Nib original swingbyte's I have 5 total left. Looking for $30 including shipping.
  9. Anyone have some tour issue s400's? Offers?! 3 woods, wedges, 13 shoes, Large clothes?
  10. What are some other courses around that area. Going to lake Cumberland 10-13 for my bachelor party. Going to play lake Cumberland once. Wanting to hit a nice public golf course on the way back to Cincinnati in the evening. Any recommendations?
  11. Kinda open but Scotty is pending trade currently.. Updated title and new item.
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