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  1. Hey guys, Scotty Cameron 2021 Phantom X 5.5 - 33 inches, standard weight & lie. Condition is Mint/Like New (still has tape on bottom). Grip is Super Stroke Flatso 2.0. Standard headcover included. Just sticking with my Newport 2, so no need for this one to collect dust. $400 shipped CONUS obo. Not really looking for any trades but you never know - feel free to send offers. But, it would have to be something good (Drivers or putters would definitely be only interest).
  2. Hey guys, Cameron Special Select Newport 2 - 34 in. I would say it is mint or near mint condition (see pics). Bought recently and the website classified it as a 9.5/10 (I never did anything with it but roll a couple indoor putts). No headcover included. $300 shipped CONUS Not really looking for any trades, but you never know. Another putter is the only thing that would interest me at all. Thanks
  3. Couple putters for sale. Price includes shipping in CONUS. Not looking for any trades right now, but feel free to send me an offer if you'd like - You may have something I didn't know I needed. 1. Taylormade Spider X - Copper with slant neck. 33.5 inches. Super stroke Pistol GT 2.0. Club was used for about 1/2 a season - shows a little wear on the bottom (see pics). Headcover included. SOLD 2. Taylormade Spider Tour Black - this is the newest version. 34 inches. Super stroke Pistol GTR 1.0. Never used on course, just around the house some - excellent condition. Headcover inclu
  4. Couple failed experiments up for grabs. Not really looking for any trades but would be open to hearing some offers for other putters that I can miss putts with in the future. Headcovers included with all. Scotty Cameron Newport 2 - 34 inches long. Standard loft and lie. Oversized Cameron Matador grip. There is one smudge on the topline that I have tried to capture in pictures. I dont notice it at address but it is there. Other than that putter is in excellent condition. $235 shipped CONUS oboScotty Cameron Phantom X7 - 34 inches long. Standard loft, lie and grip. Putter is in excellent/like ne
  5. Couple putters for sale. Not looking for any trades at this time but you may have something I didn't know I needed. Feel free to send offers, just know I would prefer cash. Scotty Cameron Newport 2 - 34 inches. Standard grip, lie, weight. Excellent condition - there is a small smudge on the top line that I barely notice but it is there (see pics). Headcover included $245 shipped CONUSOdyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Ten - 35 inches. Superstroke Claw Grip 2.0. Like New condition. Headcover included. $175 shipped CONUS Thanks for looking.
  6. 34 inches. Standard Odyssey Oversized grip. Used for one round and minimal practice. I would say excellent/mint condition. Headcover included $250 shipped CONUS obo. Interested in trades - thinking an anser style putter but would be open to other putter options as well.
  7. KBS C-Taper Lite shaft in stiff flex. 1/4 inch short of standard. Loft and lie are standard. Mint condition - I hit 2 range balls and one shot on the course with it. Golf pride Multicompound midsize grip. $110 shipped CONUS. Not really looking for trades but you may have something I didn’t know I needed. Feel free to send offers but would rather just sell it.
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