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  1. In another thread about headcovers, I posted all of mine and how my new favs were the BLK Douglas ones that I order from Scotland. They have real Harris tweed and are very light (only 314g for a set of 4.) I used them on a recent trip and can’t believe how nice they look. Love them, and for the price they are cheaper than Seamus and probably with better materials. Check their IG, or web.
  2. You need to spray that bag with the scotchguard protector spray from 3M. Will make so much easier to keep that bag presentable.
  3. I bought my F9 from them last year for $275 at this time. It clearly was never hit before, but it had a very small blemish on the carbon fiber top (basically looked like a rash, of like 6 mm. The driver was my biggest addition last year.
  4. I bought this jacket years ago. Tried to use it once but I was not this jacket’s size M. If you have a waist over 34 it won’t fit you. So I told to myself to keep it because I was eventually get fit and use it, but my body said otherwise. So is basically new. $60, no trades
  5. I have used many companies, but move on when I see details that don’t fulfill my quality expectations. For example, some announce leather but I have seen better Chinese vinyl. Others have awful stitching. Others are have their logo as the focal point of the headcover, instead of a subtle indication. For example I prefer the Cru logo on the back instead of front signage like my old Illiacs. Others have only one type of letter or numbers making easy not to buy them if that typography doesn’t make it for me. As of now this is my stash: The highest quality ones are the BLK Douglas that I order fro
  6. Just played 7 rounds. I will say all courses came well out of overseeding, and as normal, greens are still in general a bit slower, but all playing at basically the same speed, and in all courses greens were in very nice shape. Maybe 9.5-10 on stimp. My personal ranking was: PGA WestMountain Vista San Gorgonio (surprised here on how good the conditions were, plus the whitest fluffiest sand of the bunch). I liked the strategic positioning of the traps too.Mission Hills Dinah ShoreLa Quinta Dunes (enjoyed the challenge a lot, plus I paid $49 on GN)Escena, great course for last round as is by the
  7. La Quinta Mountain and Dunes courses, if the group appreciates challenge. Or if any of them belongs to a private, try to get the group at Indian Wells CC that have 2 courses.
  8. I designed what i wanted in the computer, printed it and took the piece to be embroider to the mall kiosk to the guys that do the hats. I think I paid $15, they scanned and it all came great
  9. I bought a demo as the 125msi intrigued me. In golf galaxy. For $23. Before taking the tip off I tried it one time on course and then gave it another chance in sim. The face is dead. The ball speed is like 6 mph less than an epic gen 1. And then that closed face that makes it unplayable for a decent golfer.
  10. > @hartattack11 said: > Yes I have, for a team I’m a member of... this is the equivalent of buying a US Walker Cup bag and toting it around all the time. It’s a nice bag, I’m a proud American but I never played on a Walker cup team so why would I have a bag? If it was really about team pride he’d talk to the coach and see if he could buy one (support the team directly) or maybe manage the team (if his golf skills aren’t there) and earn having a bag so it’s not a crazy awkward story every time he gets paired with a group on the tee. > > “Oh do you play for Evansville?” >
  11. https://forums.golfwrx.com/discussion/1789847/p790-vs-mizuno-hmb. Please post there
  12. I guess I am missing something here. I have a 2.5+ And have it hanging to the loop on the side with no issue.
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