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  1. Hi, After years without a fairway wood in my bag, I tried the Mavrik Max 5 and liked it a lot. It it looked meaty, square and flat behind the ball, which inspired my confidence. Thank god the orange was hardly visible at adress. Is the Mavrik Max the only bigger and flatter wood around? How does the SIM Max compare? Would love to see side by side pictures. Thanks SD
  2. No issues with traction here. Although called spikeless, there are plenty of rubber spikes.
  3. Sorry to see this new line looks as ugly as ever to me. The Crossover has improved a bit though.
  4. Hi, I normally play lower profile, spikeless shoes in the summer (Puma Ignite PWRSport). Love them. Now that it's getting nastier outside, I've switched to more bulky and heavier leather Adipure golf shoes with soft spikes. They are comfy, but whenever I wear them, I play poorly compared to the summer shoe. What I can say is in the Pumas I feel "closer to the ground" and better connected to it. Is this just between my ears or have you made similar ecperiences? Thanks SD
  5. I've played F8 OL for two seasons. No big difference in scoring. A fitting showed I lack the speed to take advantage of long irons and hybrids if they are 7i length only with low lofts. Moved back to traditional this season and scoring has improved. Hitting long irons much better (higher and longer), while short irons and wedges took a bit to get used to again. Even if you go 4-PW in one length, you still will have 50% of your bag in variable length with the need to adjust. Maybe better to have a smooth transition from top end to low end of the bag? Also, do you reall
  6. Every 3-4 years, I feel my swing has changed and will go see a fitter to try some of the new stuff out. Meanwhile, I feel pretty confident and rather go for lessons.
  7. Best I've hit: Wilson D7 Worst I've heard: Hibore Monster XXL or whatever it was called - my ears still bleed
  8. Hi, I am planning to add 0.5 inch to a standard Srixon iron and cut 0.5 inch off a Ping wedge which is now +1.0. Will this make a big difference other than length? Especially, if ordered custom, would these makers use different head weights or only cut the shaft to spec? Thanks SD
  9. I got my Srixon Z U85 with a PX LZ 110 shaft in the meantime and first range-impressions are excellent! Sits square like an iron, no bulge and roll, feels and sounds fine and launch is no issue. Doesn't want to go left. Regarding the Fli Hi's, I just can't get over their looks.
  10. Thanks. I now went for the Srixon U85 23 degrees with a PX LZ 110 shaft (instead of 115 in the irons). From what I've read, the U85 is easier to launch off the deck than the HMB. It is much beefier after all.
  11. Wilson D7 is awesome and has a great price.
  12. What shaft are you using? Same as in the rest of irons? Do you feel comfortable hitting the 20HMB off the deck? That's what's concerning me a bit.
  13. I still have the SLDR Mini in my bag. It does find many more fairways than my 460 driver (77% vs. 48%) and is about 17 yds shorter. Since I still have an empty space in my bag, I carry both and pick the club depending on fairway size.
  14. Interesting. I have tried the regular 919 Hot Metal and it just felt dead in comparison to the forged.
  15. Isn't it amazing how different we are. I've tried the Apex and much preferred the Mizuno JPX 919F.
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