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  1. Thank you for the info. I played these drivers one week apart in similar/cold conditions so I don’t think my SS has changed much but maybe I was swinging easier with an unfamiliar head? The M1 460 and 440 heads I have played for some time now are both 200g and the M5 is 197g. Good point on loft tolerances, didn’t really consider that but you are correct and I may loft down a bit today? Looking back on the round I had every tee shot in play with the M5- there were two that I was sure were OB and they just crept back into play? Maybe twistface is real...lol. I
  2. ^thank you^ the weights were one at the front and one back. I’m going to pull the front weight back a bit and play again. We will see? Distance was definitely less but all tee shots were in play.?
  3. So I have played a TM M1 460 with a Oban Devotion for a couple years and it was a great combo. The 460 head cracked and I paired the Devo with a M1 440 head and it was good but not the same. So I picked up a M5 head and put it on the Devo. Very interning first round out. All drives were noticeably shorter with the M5 but every drive was in the fairway. Even bad swings needed up in the fairway. Most drives were easily 20yds shorter than I’m used to but I wonder if it’s a shaft thing. Maybe the M5 spins less and pairing it with a lower spinning shaft kills distance,? the M5 head weig
  4. I read that there are stock shafts in the wedges but what are those shafts specifically? Thanks!
  5. Agreed. Swapped out the cracked 460 head for a non cracked 440 head MUCH more solid feeling. Of course it depends on the swing but this crack does drain distance on poor strikes...maybe solid strikes too? But playing with a new head today made the situation clear. Thanks for the input and help...I hate that my 460 is dead...this was the BEST set up I’ve played ever I just didn’t want to face facts that it was dead.
  6. Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it. Lately I’ve had some drives that fly like usual but I seem to have a lot of drives that just don’t carry like I think they should/used to? Of course that could be the swing I’m putting on it but I was wondering if this crack could cause a loss of distance?
  7. Looks like my beloved M1 460 has a small crack near the hosel. It’s very thin, can’t really catch a fingernail in it, but I’m wondering if it’s location will affect performance. Yes, I have been playing it but I’m a bit inconsistent. What is the verdict on a crack in this location?
  8. Just depends on the lies you get IMO. I have a 58 with 9deg and love it for tight lies, or opened on hard/wet sand. Fluffy lies not so much. Just depends on what you’re playing out of IMO.
  9. > @J13 said: > Congrats on the eagle! Now you need an Albatross lol LOL! I think the Albatross is more difficult to come by than an Ace.
  10. Had my first Eagle today. My home course has a short par4, it can play between 260 and 275yds and is a slight dogleg left. There is water that wraps around the green so long, right and left are all trouble. It’s a tight hole and going for it is risky. A couple moths ago I had driven the green and missed the Eagle putt. Today I drove the green and made the Eagle putt. First Eagle ever. Pretty stoked. I’ve had an Ace, but never an Eagle, I got to check that off the list today. This is the stuff that keeps me coming back.
  11. So I played Mizuno MX-23s with DG S300s for a long time until I picked up a set of Ping G25s that were shafted with CFS S, I played them for a bit and like the forgiveness of the G25s but the shafts were just way too soft for me. The S300s could be jaust a tad soft too but much more stable than the CFS IMO. I have a wedge that came with a DG S400 and absolutely love that shaft for full shots. Touch shots around the green not so much but full shots are great with that shaft. I’m thinking about trying to reshot the G25s with S400s. Have any of you done this? Do any of you play S400s in your i
  12. > @DZClark said: > I have given this much thought (as much thought as I could give it while scrolling through the responses. I have some additional questions that need to be answered in order to determine if you legitimately broke 90: > > 1) Did you wear cargo shorts? > > 2) Did you have music playing in the cart loud enough for people 3 holes away to hear? > > 3) Do you have headcovers on all your irons? > > 4) Did you do honestly putt everything out during the entire round? All 18 holes? Even the short ones? > > Heck, forget these questions
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