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  1. 100%!!! Probably can only find a handful of tour players gaming a stock F grind.
  2. I went from 0311T's to Miura MB101's. The PXG's are larger at address although they have thinned the topline with the current generation. Like a previous post, distance control with the PXG's was very difficult. I hit my 0311T 7-iron between 190-205. I can't tell you why the difference but it cost me a few tournaments last year (nothing worse than flagging one only to be off the back). My new Miura 7-iron goes 180 the majority of the time. I'll take that. To be fair, the forgiveness in the 0311T's is remarkable. Miura...better hit the center....
  3. I don't see anyway to take away the advantage of the long hitters. Make the balls go 20% shorter...Dooshe-chambeau will still have 150 in and Kisner will have 217 while pulling headcovers...
  4. 1-2 per hole with a couple of throws when no one was looking...
  5. I would sweet talk Spieth into letting me borrow his putter for a night. Let that Piretti walk in on Finau man-loving that Scotty in the dark with some candles and Celine Dion slow jamming. Instant performance upgrade...
  6. My dad played these for years when I was growing up! Thanks for the warm trip down memory lane. Wish I still had them.
  7. Original Tight Lies...still a monster off the firm fairways of Texas
  8. Several buddies and I have Artisan sets. The raw will rust quickly (what I play and love) but I like the muted, non-reflective look. The oil can finish and the black oxide are awesome too. We've had them for over a year now and the finishes are holding up with lots of rounds. Hope this helps!
  9. Thanks Champ. Way to look out. My shoe laces were also untied during my original “equipment” post. Let the higher-ups know I fixed it. Lol!
  10. Been having this discussion with a wide range of handicaps at our club. Anyone do this? We're in Texas and get winds 25+ quite often. Lots of our guys switch to AVX over ProV's when its windy. Same for the cold. Anyone know if there is any logic to this?
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