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  1. First, best grip ever IMO, Golf Pride Full Cord Tour Wrap! I send a note to GP at least once a year asking them for a few of Stenson's off the tour van :). Right now, for me, the GP Midsize ZGrip Align from D-8i. 8i-SW Midsize ZGrip. I've been a cord guy for a couple of decades now.
  2. This is a good point and one I hadn't really thought of until now, "feel the focus on better shaft selection has overwhelmed head design." If memory serves, Karsten usually had a shaft and head combo in mind when designing his clubs. Admittedly I started the game as a kid with way too heavy DG shafts but when I got my Eye2's in high school (still have them :)) it was a game changer. Not to mention the innovation in the sole and peripheral weighting. To this day I miss a little offset in the irons on modern clubs...maybe not full Eye2 offset, but just a little is OK by me. I think Adam Scott and some of the older tour players still have a little offset in their irons for the same reasons, just a look thing from their early days in the game.
  3. I think they just cleaned them and paint fill. At any rate they looked super clean when I got them back from re-shafting. Had zz65 w/Cushin installed.
  4. Fred’s going to see Elizabeth and Karsten!!
  5. I sent my Eye2's to Ping and they reshafted and touched up the heads. A couple of them were bent and after 30 years they still look amazing!
  6. $699 in 1985 dollars today is $1765 $1299 is $3280 today FWIW
  7. Awesome! Love the Top-Flite's and it's always cool when someone compliments the OG WITB. Had a kid ask me about my CB92's...he hit one solid and said he'd never felt anything close. Serious question: does Howard Hessman play golf?
  8. Yes! I have the 983e with the OG green Adila NV shaft and love putting it into play a few times a year. My 905T gets out too!
  9. I have the two sets I've always wanted! The BeCu's are mine from high school and the CB92s are a recent acquisition...the clubs I really wanted but never able. In a perfect world mine would be the CB92s with a slightly "modernized" sole and a few degrees stronger as the PW in this set is 50*. As a golfer from the 80's and 90's I don't mind the offset, but if it were reduced just slightly I think it would fit my eye a little better, especially in the CB92s, for some reason it doesn't bother me in the Eye2s. I guess I should save my money and give @FairwayFred @National Custom Works National Custom Works a call!!
  10. This topic rose to the top when I sang it to the "do you wanna build a snowman" tune from Frozen. Your welcome!
  11. Swope is solid, the last couple of years it has been in great condition. KCMO also owns Shoal Creek which is a great track...can be very long in the wind. Hillcrest, when in good shape, is lots of fun although I am not sure how much of Mr. Ross' original greens and layout remain. On a side note, Hillcrest is lots of fun to play with Persimmon and blades!!!
  12. A KC golfer here! I have a regular group that goes early on Saturdays (to avoid slow play) and when permitted (by the wife) get rounds at Falcon Lakes, Dubs Dread and a few others. For our family we would have to either play lots of golf (all four of us) or have enough cash as to "not worry" about the high initiation fees. I was told recently that Milburn is up to $29k (ouch); it was $8 or $10 just a few years ago.
  13. +1, +2 and +3 on the MasterGrips. Used them way back in the day and switched to Titleist Players Glove. A couple of years ago I spotted the MG's out in the wild and ordered a few...they are great. The price point is amazing and I don't feel bad buying a dozen to wear out in practice sessions and on the course.
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