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  1. Swope is solid, the last couple of years it has been in great condition. KCMO also owns Shoal Creek which is a great track...can be very long in the wind. Hillcrest, when in good shape, is lots of fun although I am not sure how much of Mr. Ross' original greens and layout remain. On a side note, Hillcrest is lots of fun to play with Persimmon and blades!!!
  2. A KC golfer here! I have a regular group that goes early on Saturdays (to avoid slow play) and when permitted (by the wife) get rounds at Falcon Lakes, Dubs Dread and a few others. For our family we would have to either play lots of golf (all four of us) or have enough cash as to "not worry" about the high initiation fees. I was told recently that Milburn is up to $29k (ouch); it was $8 or $10 just a few years ago.
  3. +1, +2 and +3 on the MasterGrips. Used them way back in the day and switched to Titleist Players Glove. A couple of years ago I spotted the MG's out in the wild and ordered a few...they are great. The price point is amazing and I don't feel bad buying a dozen to wear out in practice sessions and on the course.
  4. My irons just had their birthday, 4 June 1986! I know I got the Zing2 putter after my BeCu Zing and stainless Zing2 so I am not sure if it is older or not. I really hope my kids get further into golf as it will be amazing to pass these down to them.
  5. No Rainbow Ginty??!! These ruled the rough back in the day!!
  6. I have the 983E with the green NV65 shaft, still can get it out there!
  7. If you want to play in spiked sandals, VAS irons under iron covers, a Northwestern chipper and come in a hair below 200 strokes it's ok with me as long as you do it in less than 3 and a half hours.
  8. Love the Ginty!! Those things are awesome...especially the OG Rainbow Ginty!!
  9. Those Deacon's are awesome! I love the look at address. If I hadn't just reshafted my Mac's I'd be all over those. Someone needs to snap them up quick!! GLWS.
  10. Some of the yardages seem to indicate they are hitting the ball downwind in a gale off a 800 ft cliff!
  11. Very nice, especially in pristine condition. New handles and they are ready for play!
  12. DG120 S300. I’m not a 125SS WRX’er . I’ve pretty much always played the DGS300 and recently tried Modus 105 and like the lighter weight but missed the boring ball flight of the DG. The DG120’s seem to be a great mix of classic with the lighter weight.
  13. Lee Buck sharing knowledge https://www.instagram.com/tv/CPWpTKtHZLl/?utm_medium=copy_link
  14. Anyone have experience with the Tour Edge EXS Blades? They look solid in pics.
  15. My CB92s are waiting for shafts (the S500’s were a no-go ). Killing me to wait, but at least it’s raining so I don’t feel too bad.
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