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  1. [quote name='Gainzini' timestamp='1431005250' post='11515985']This guy clearly loves his dog ! Parting ways w some sweet toys...hope the surgery is a seem less one ! GLWS[/quote] thank you
  2. [quote name='dnmason725' timestamp='1430945456' post='11512105']How much for the set of Wedges?[/quote]wedges were sold
  3. [quote name='CosmosMpower' timestamp='1430938272' post='11511275']Steal on those gorges, almost makes me want to buy a backup set.[/quote] Steal for sure made some great shots with them but during this time of need anything will help.
  4. Thank You all for helping my family and I and your well wishes. Everything was sold.
  5. [quote name='JZartman' timestamp='1423701354' post='10934921'] Anyone from the area who might be interested in playing I'm some charity tournaments this year? There is one on the 24-25th of April. I have a schedule of events . don't know all the formats yet but pm me if interested [/quote] I'd be interested depending on the day.
  6. [quote name='Imp' timestamp='1401231283' post='9377199']I'll be there Mon-Thurs. Can do almost any later afternoon Mon/Tues/Wed, Monday being the most open. --kC[/quote] Sorry I missed you hopefully you come back.
  7. [quote name='ohcanada17' timestamp='1401843292' post='9425367']Look great... But PLEASE no plastic pure-roll insert... Why can't TM combine the Yes! Technology with a metal face. I know, the weight saving blah blah blah... But I have a closet full of TM putters because of that pure-roll insert[/quote] I agree although the insert feels ok I would like to see them milled will have to try one.
  8. [quote name='chaptowngolfteam' timestamp='1401230741' post='9377141'] [quote name='bp29' timestamp='1401230659' post='9377123'][quote name='chaptowngolfteam' timestamp='1401230478' post='9377099'] What's the price on the tank cruiser? [/quote] $215 right above the photo.[/quote] Gotcha, it didn't show up in the iPhone app. [/quote] No Problem
  9. To all, If you all ever want to play let me know I play Monday through Thursday.
  10. [quote name='JZartman' timestamp='1397246323' post='9069941'] [quote name='doubleBZee' timestamp='1396456342' post='9003529'] I also want to get back to Royal Manchester. [/quote] Worked there for a couple of months last spring. I wouldnt mind playing there again [/quote] What days do you play? I play Monday through Thursday.
  11. [quote name='riehlg' timestamp='1397250155' post='9070299'] I'm in Lancaster, PA so only 25 min or so from there. I was supposed to be playing Deer Valley and Dauphin Highlands today but couldn't get out of work [/quote] What days do you usually play?
  12. [quote name='Imp' timestamp='1400007920' post='9287951'] Anyone know how Dauphin Highlands is right now? I'm heading down in a bit for work and the clubs will be coming with. Other suggestions? I used to play Hershey Links when I was down and as fun of a course as it was, sad to hear they closed. --kC [/quote] Did you come down? If not what days?
  13. [quote name='chaptowngolfteam' timestamp='1401230478' post='9377099'] What's the price on the tank cruiser? [/quote] $215 right above the photo.
  14. All prices include shipping east of the Mississippi, Add $5 West 1. Odyssey Tank Cruiser #1 Wide. Used for 3 rounds and went back to my Daddy Long Legs. Putter is in prestine condition with a little rub mark on the front of the grip. Putter is 38 inches and comes with weights and headcover. $old 2. SkyCaddie SG5 in great condition. Works flawlesly and battery holds a charge. Comes with leather case, screen protector, case, car charger, and charging cable. $40 3. Cam Caddy New in Package. $old 4. Bushnell Rangfinder Case. No rips or tears. $10 5. Taylor M
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