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  1. The deal on full play membership is 2000 down and 325 dues monthly.... believe it used to be
  2. You still pulling the handle and hitting in to out.?? Let me know how you fixed it because I've been trying for years for fix this and it always comes back
  3. Played Meadow gardens today and it was in great shape...fairways and greens were the best I've seen there. Have a decent membership promotion....anyone a member on here
  4. Don't play Westwood Plateau...greens fees near $90 and it's a complete mudpit. Greens are slow and bumpy, sidehills were mowed which turned them into mud and the fairways are so spotty. Bunkers have no sand in them and pace of play is so horrible. Course must not have maintenance supervisor.
  5. Totally agree...the whole course seems to be just rough around edges. Greens are nice but we're not as quick as they have been in the past... so many unfixed ball marks. Don't know why they do the send a few kids around at the end of the day to fix ball marks and fill in divots.
  6. Played both the canal and ridge at Northview and both were in great shape....I found the ridge to be just a notch below Morgan creek. Greens were really slick but true
  7. Yup - great track, quite challenging. Keep it in play, lots of big trees that can be big trouble if you're wayward off the tee. Greens can be tough, many are turtle-back like greens that have a lot of run offs. Enjoy though, I quite like the track overall. Thanks is for the input...the older I get I've noticed playing a new course is one of the few things that gets me excited in life?. How Are the course conditions
  8. Playing Richmond golf and country club on Friday for the first time...anyone play this track??
  9. Forgot about that...both our carts batteries died as well?
  10. Well have to agree with everyone on here about Westwood plateau...stay away!! Played in a tourney there and the course conditions are just brutal. It reminds me of that girl that was so hot in high school and then you see her at your 20 year reunion and your like what happened. Course needs extensive drainage work as there are still plenty of wet spots and the bunkers are the worst in the lower mainland. Don't bring a nice Sand wedge as there are so many rocks and very little sand left in bunkers. Fairways are so spotty you never get a nice lie and the rough is like the grass at your local soccer field. Pace of play was horrible too as our we waited on every hole...5 hours and 45 minutes to finish. For what they charge I'll go play Northview or Morgan Creek
  11. You played golf in that rain storm?? You must of been the only guy out there...your crazy. I took the dog for a 5 min walk and I was done?
  12. My club is a ping g30 driver which has flat black paint....any recommendations to fix light scratches
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