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  1. I have a Zing 2 BeCu sand wedge but is a 52
  2. I broke mine n late August. Had surgery a few days later, first week of September. I already had STT arthritis is the same wrist(different injury or ailment by the way). I played golf, 9 holes, for the first time the weekend of Thanksgiving(late November). I got cleared the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Went out of town, rented clubs, warmed up the range that Friday and played 9 holes. I have played two 18 hole rounds since then. I have a plate in my wrist now. I have been doing physical therapy twice a week since the surgery. I have soreness on the other side, Ulnar side. The
  3. herdman

    Who died?

    One of the few comapnies that move from South to North. Terrible weather. Much higher taxes(Florida has no income tax), and much more government intrusion and regulation. There usually is a mass exodus from the Northeast to the South.
  4. I have a Ping G and Callaway XR16. Recommend both
  5. He was just offering perspective from someone who had the same issues and played at a fairly high level.
  6. So I talked to a guy that was a pro and had played on some mini tours and such. We got talking about wrist problems and he had had wrist problems and had actually had some surgeries. Anyway, he said the brace would likely be allowed and he always taped his wrist and never asked anybody and nothing was ever said in years of playing in tournaments for money. Said he always taped his wrists and showed up on the first tee. He never wrapped it around the thumb or any fingers but taped the wrists, sometimes both of them becuase he had the same issues. Never even asked and played.
  7. Sorry, it was a good discussion and just making sure. Didn't mean to step on any toes. Thanks all
  8. No, not all. I have never played in tournaments and wanted to know so I didn't make a mistake, If you can't use it you can't use it. Just wanted an answer. It appears the only real answer is to check with a committtee.
  9. Dude shows up in caset. Can't play because it immoblizes the joint.Oh well, golf rules appear to be clear as mud. The other choice is load up on inbuprofen
  10. Well the wrist wrap or tape doesn't immobilize the wrist joint. They have no immobolzing brace. They are there to provide two things. One to keep the joint warm with blood flow and to provice support not immobilize. It actually is probably more hinderance than a help, beilieve me.
  11. Might be a dumb question, but when would one do that ? Before the tournament? At the start? When you show up? As for shoe inserts, I can't imagine every player is going to the committee to to get permission to sue their Dr Scholls.
  12. Here is a scenario, what if you weree injuted on let's say hole 12. You want to finish the round. I am guessing you couldn't just throw some tape on the wrist(or wherever). In most other sports you can. What about a knee brace? If it were under your pants or a shoe insert? Heck, it may help some players.
  13. Thanks all for the input. I believe my steel wedge shafts are 115 gram(probably mixed weights) which is a large difference. I am thinking of replacing and wondering if it might be the right time for graphite. I don't see myself going back to steel in irons. Graphite is just so much better for arthritis and now I am used to them.
  14. That is what I am trying to figure out from folks who have had this situation or who have experience with tournaments and the rules of golf. Golf is a little bit different than other sports. Other sports you slap some tape on it or a brace and go play. I don't want to be in violation of a rule.
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