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  1. Just read that you are 5'9". In that case, you can certainly go with a shorter shaft. But the poin is that you grip it low...the added length is for the DB.
  2. The DB putters have a longer grip in order to move weight above the hands. I have a 6M DB and had a Futura XDB before that. You would grip it the same as your standard length putter. So 38" is fine. FWIW, I absolutely love these putters. The super high MOI and stability with the DB make for a very consistent putter. Just make sure you're ok with a face balanced putter if the model you choose happens to be as such.
  3. I have normally shaped a draw most of my playing career (played competitively as a kid, then didn't play for 15 years...now back at it and am a 10 index). My problem seems to be I slide my hips forward way too much instead of turning them, causing a "hands" hook. I've heard making sure the weight gets to the left (front) heal instead of left balls of feet makes it easier to turn (ala Bubba). Any other suggestions? Greatly appreciated!!
  4. In no order (not including my home course of Atlanta Athletic Club): [indent=1]Peachtree Golf Club[/indent] [indent=1]East Lake Golf Club[/indent] [indent=1]Jupiter Hills[/indent] [indent=1]TPC Sawgrass[/indent] [indent=1]Southern Highlands (Las Vegas)[/indent] [indent=1]Just missed the cut:[/indent] [indent=1]Secession Golf Club (Beaufort, SC)[/indent] [indent=1]Ocean Course, Kiawah Island[/indent] [indent=1]Hawks Ridge[/indent]
  5. Scotty Cameron Futura X Dual Balance 40" (I am 6'4")
  6. Scotty Cameron Futura X Dual Balance ...THE best counter-balanced putter on the market
  7. I was using the DLL, but had the same issue with longer putts. My pro weighed the head, and said that he thought the head was a little on the light side for such a heavy grip. So, I tried the Scotty Cameron Futura X Dual Balance, and OH MY GOSH! What a difference! The head is substantially heavier than the DLL, which to me, allows me to feel the club head nicely on longer putts. The feedback is very surprising for such a high MOI putter. So I sold my DLL on Craigslist and bought the (expensive) Futura X Dual Balance. Now I know why so many tour players use the Futura X (Adam Scott, Ja
  8. Youth sizes for flat-billed capMy son (6yrs old) is a big Rickie Fowler fan. He asked for the orange flat-billed hat for his birthday, but I cannot find any kids sizes in any of the Puma hats. Has anyone had success finding youth sizes in these caps? Any ideas? Thanks
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