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  1. There were six of us and we all agreed. Service was way worse than 2 years ago, particularly at the 1895 house. The quality of the food was average at best, and below average when considering the cost. One in our party ordered a steak at both restaurants (Carolina and 1895) and both couldn't get it cooked correctly. The only upside was the corkage fees we were charged for the wine I brought with me. We had a great meal at the Ironwood, and plan on returning there. We're also going to try Eliiott's and Villagio in the Magnolia Inn.
  2. I have the eWheels V2 (having upgraded from the V1) and a good friend bought the Costco MGI Zip package last summer. We have played together several times with both of us using them, most recently 2 weeks ago. He agrees that the V2 is a better "machine", particularly on my CG 3.5+ with the swivel front wheels. It is much more stable, particularly on steep hills. The TFS (tether) provides another advantage, and I didn't even think I would use it when I bought the V2. It does take up a bit more room and takes a little longer to set up and break down. But overall I think the V2 is the bette
  3. Since you like ryes, do yourself a favor and get a bottle of Old Overholt 114 proof if you can. It's quickly become the favorite of everyone I've poured a glass for. For an inexpensive bourbon, give Old Tub a try.
  4. We missed being able to take advantage of the Titleist package by a few days so we're doing the bed and breakfast package. We were there in the Fall and did the Donald Ross Package. The dinners on property, frankly, were not very good. So we're going to do dinners on our own this time.
  5. Same, except the course is shite. Great guys though. The course is also open year round, so there are times in the winter it is our only option. But it is still a goat ranch.
  6. I bought these to use on my ClicGear 3.5+. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B073BGMPG3/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Works just fine. Gave a few away to friends.
  7. The New Riff single barrel ryes are the real deal.
  8. Denison Golf Club (fka Granville Golf Course) designed by Donald Ross in 1924 and opened in 1925. It was "updated" in the 80s with some re-routing and 3 new holes added. Hoping the rumor of Hanse Golf Design Group being hired to create a master plan for restoration is true.
  9. I've had good results with my SL Odyssey No. 1 this year - switched from an Evnroll No. 7.
  10. I had the V1 and sold it to a friend when I got the V2. I have used a Clicgear 3.5+ and wheelie bars with both. The V2 is far easier to operate and more hands-off with the gyros and tether. The teather (TFS) is awesome - I didn't think I would use it at all and I can't believe how easy it is to use - grab and go and the cart follows. The V2 detachable battery is much more convenient if you leave the unit in your car or truck. Adding the swivel attachment to the front also made a huge difference with the V2 - I don't know that it would be as good with the V1 without gyros. But there is a ru
  11. The tavern at the Holly had a pretty good bourbon selection - better than anything else we found at the other resort bars/restaurants. The brewpub had a good North Carolina rye, but otherwise the whiskey selection wasn't great.
  12. I have a friend that bought the Precision earlier this year. He had to return the first one he bought because it didn't work at all. They replaced it but he does not find it to be as accurate as he hoped (compared to his Bushnell he had before) and he always has trouble shooting distances in lower light - such as early morning, dusk, fog, rain, etc. A bit of thread drift - my Leupold GXi4 LCDs are dying (second one in 10 years) and I began looking into replacements, including the cheaper alternatives. Given the reviews I read and my friend's experience, I opted to just pony up again and I j
  13. WIsh I could play - I enjoyed playing there some years ago. It reminded me of a smaller version of Scioto CC.
  14. I can't answer that because we didn't play it when we were there 2 years ago. But I wouldn't be surprised because of the amount of play it gets. And you don't need a tee time for the Thistle - just grab a drink and go. There were lots of people playing both - but, by the amount of trash talking and laughing we heard (and shared ) it seemed more were having a great time on the putting course.
  15. Just got back from a long weekend at Pinehurst. I get the idea of taking a cart on No. 8 because of the elevation changes, but I would walk it with a caddie for the experience, if possible. At least take a fore-caddie to help ball hawk and read the greens. No. 2 is an easy walk - it is relatively flat, but damn it's a hard golf course (not that No. 8 is easy). The only other thing I will add is that our group had more fun with a putting contest on the Thistle than playing the Cradle. You have to hit off of mats on the Cradle, which may or may not be your thing. Have a great trip together
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