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  1. Chris Ryan gives the best instruction in my opinion, very clear and concise and he's focuses on teaching alone. Others include Art of Simple Golf and Danny Maude. Me and My Golf has been good over the years but they are barely on YouTube any more. Top Speed just repeats the same issue in every video (lag, lag, lag) but he does demonstrate some good points overall. Crossfield and others aren't really just teaching, they demo clubs, have travel vlogs, etc. to they are only an occasional teaching stop. And Crossfield, although I like him, is pushing his schtick of contrarian on every issue w
  2. Another vote for the 21 oz Hydroflasks. I carry 2 bottles on my Clicgear usually one with Nuun tablets and the other with water. A must for hot weather and they keep everything really cold too.
  3. I noticed this past weekend playing a new course that the sand in the bunkers was more like powder than the sand I'm used to at other courses and it really affected my play. Just couldn't get used to it nor hit the ball hard enough either. Would have really benefited from some practice in bunkers there. Must be a little difficult for the pros going from place to place with different types of sand and conditions - although they're all so good that they can adapt I guess. Not me though - this was tough sand at this course.
  4. Still all the social distancing regulations in effect in my area outside Boston. I don't mind the flagstick being kept in, but it does affect putts at times along with the nerf in the hole (balls will bounce out at times). Miss having raked bunkers during the day. Carts are still single person in some places and others have dividers and others still give you the flexibility to choose. As I walk it hasn't been too much different overall. No having lunch after a round though as most people just want to play and leave afterwards. Hopefully with all the vaccines being given a more normal rou
  5. jimb6golf

    Ping ie1

    Picked up some irons to create a mixed set with my G irons. Work great and really like the feel and turf interaction. Really like the way the ie1 irons look on the top edge too.
  6. Really enjoying his take on the golf and even his little 'fights' with Nick Faldo as well. He has a current view on the players and how they play versus Faldo's older view and it's a pretty good mix. Plus he puts a little humor into the mix as well. So far so good.
  7. OK, it goes without saying that even though I might actually like winter at times (skiing etc) I'm ready to start playing golf again. Typically in a mild New England winter I can still play golf even in colder weather but this year has been pretty tough. Between the extremely cold temperatures and the snow cover I haven't played in 2-3 months at this point and I really need to get out. Probably only another 4-6 weeks until real golf starts, but I've had it with crappy weather and need to get out there. Went to the range over the weekend and it was packed as I'm not the only one starving fo
  8. A few times. Some times you get paired with someone that just stuns you with beautiful swing and low scores and other times you're paired with someone who is just awful. The worst is when you are paired with someone who is just so much better than you are, even after you've worked hard on your swing and are playing better, and they pound the ball beyond yours and have that ball flight that's just incredible to watch.
  9. MCC Plus 4 mostly, but also have Lamkin ST+2 Hybrid (built up though) on a few clubs. And GP Tour Velvet Plus 4 on my driver, Ping ID-8 on my fairway wood and NDMC on my hybrids. Mixed bag as I'm always tinkering with grips and like certain grips on certain clubs.
  10. As a long time bad back sufferer I can attest that the golf swing isn't the best thing for it. At times I can be in horrible pain when swinging and it always takes me a lot of time to loosen up and allow all the parts to move/ turn correctly. One thing that really helps is building up your core with stretching, etc. and that tends to stabilize your back and prevent a lot of the pain that can come from swinging a golf club. With the Covid problems and gyms closed I've noticed that I really need to get back to stretching or I get sore very quickly in golf. Be careful with your swing and your
  11. Played this past weekend. Teed off and it was just below 30* out but warmed up a few degrees as the round went on. Frozen ground made for some interesting bounces on the green and long roll outs too. Weird, fun and peacefully quiet playing alone. And it only took a little under 3 hours to play. Same thing for upcoming weekend. Prefer warm weather and nice conditions but at least I'm still playing in the winter.
  12. Still gaming my G400 Max and see no reason to change. Loved my G20 before it but this is even more forgiving. And it's not short either. It's a fun club to use and you really appreciate the forgiveness, which is the best. Solid is the best way to describe it. Had several friends switch as well and they still play it too. Great driver from a great company.
  13. Played a few weeks ago at one of the only courses open in the area. Lots of golfers there as everyone was trying to get a round in before a big snowstorm later in the week. Place was so packed that even with a tee time I didn't get out until 45 mins after my original tee time. Marshalls were just pushing people out everywhere - in between other groups, etc. And to make matters worse there were a lot of older people waiting around for carts as the younger golfers took carts earlier in the day. Several fights almost broke out (not kidding) when some older gentleman asked if the younger guys c
  14. Seeing all the snow on the ground and realizing I can't play golf anytime soon. And playing behind terrible players playing slowly.
  15. Got out last Sunday to play before the storm hits the Boston area. And apparently I wasn't the only one as the course was crazy busy. Lousy conditions after rain overnight and melting snow from the previous week and it was still a lot of fun getting out to play. With over a foot of snow coming tonight it looks like I'll only get to the range for some time, but hopeful we get some warm weather again and snow melts quickly. There's only so much practice you can do indoors in the winter.
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