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  1. I would say in my area near Boston the courses are just as crowded as last year. Getting a tee time at a public course is pretty difficult if you don't call 7 or more days in advance. Good for the game but not much fun when some courses are booking 8 min intervals (wow does the course slow down with any poor players in front of you).
  2. I have the same problem with several different adidas golf shoes including the 360s. Sent one back and adidas refunded the cost, but the others I glued back. I think I tend to roll over onto my left side and when hitting off the mats it tends to beat up the shoe. Annoying but not too much of a problem except for the one I sent back. Disappointing though.
  3. Not very far, between 140 - 150 yards. I deloft my irons unfortunately and lose distance on all of them. Been trying to fix this problem for several years now.
  4. Way too many commercials in this weekends coverage. It seemed like they would only show coverage for 3-4 shots then back to a commercial. The twin screen commercial and coverage at least allowed some continuity of the coverage but overall the amount of breaks was annoying. And although the drone coverage was very good, why can't any of the networks show more of the 'at ground level views' to really show the dramatic contours of the course? It's such a flat view otherwise on TV. Really would like to see ground level views around the green to show just how much contouring there is and how d
  5. Too much attention is paid to the backswing in my golf swing and it's caused a number of other problems. Started by looking back to see positions which lead to watching my arms swing and then to full body turns (rather than the upper body coiling over the lower body). In may case at least I'm working to shorten my swing and gain back control of the overall swing and when done correctly I hit the ball much better. I've even started very short swings and full follow throughs to get side bends better and that's worked well too. Golf can really mess you up trying to get better all the time. St
  6. Just played North over the weekend and wasn't too impressed. Having played the course when it was in great shape years ago I was pretty unimpressed with current conditions. Course was barely cut with no definition between fairway and rough and the greens were long, spongy and bumpy. Big thing was the overhanging trees which apparently haven't been trimmed in many years and really impacting play. Trash was piling up at the various bins too. Very expensive for a public course too. Liked the course layout and challenge but conditions were pretty poor and I wouldn't recommend anyone playing t
  7. Was able to get a round in the other night teeing off after 6 pm and unbelievably finishing 18 holes in just over 2 hours in twilight. The Clicgear cart certainly made it possible as I was practically running to keep the round moving along. Great time of night to play as it's very peaceful and quiet except for the mosquitos constantly trying to bite you. Hope to get a few more rounds like this in this summer too.
  8. I did in fact get 2 dozen MTB X balls. It was the MTB that is on back order apparently. Glad I was able to get them as my stock was getting low (due in large part that I hit a few into a few ponds over the weekend - not a great ball striking day unfortunately). Hopefully Dean can get the stocks of both balls back up again to keep us devotees well supplied.
  9. Just ordered 2 dozen MTB-X balls but it looks like they're all back ordered. Need to find a comparable ball without having to pay ridiculous Titleist prices. Ant ideas??
  10. Great time to play golf and try to stretch in 18 holes this time of year. Using my clicgear certainly makes it easier, faster and able to carry extra water etc. Great anytime. Think I'll go out tomorrow night as well
  11. I've had several over the past number of years. They seem to last a long time and are great for both cleaning off your clubs and keeping dry in hot weather. I wet the inside to 'wash' clubs and and then use the outside to keep dry. Great concept and even better with a ring attachment to your bag. Looking to get a new one as well. My only complaint would be the stitched ring ripped on my first one but it was an easy fix. Really nice concept.
  12. Only tried the new putters in my local shop but really like them. Good sound, good feel, and good weighting too. I tend to like mallets more so I tried the Fetch and Harwood and liked them both. Especially liked the new Lamkin grip they have on the putters too (I believe it's called the Sink Fit?), which has a little texture that is much different feel than my SuperStroke grip). A little too expensive for my taste at the moment but really nice putters and an improvement over the Sigma line in my opinion.
  13. Chris Ryan gives the best instruction in my opinion, very clear and concise and he's focuses on teaching alone. Others include Art of Simple Golf and Danny Maude. Me and My Golf has been good over the years but they are barely on YouTube any more. Top Speed just repeats the same issue in every video (lag, lag, lag) but he does demonstrate some good points overall. Crossfield and others aren't really just teaching, they demo clubs, have travel vlogs, etc. to they are only an occasional teaching stop. And Crossfield, although I like him, is pushing his schtick of contrarian on every issue w
  14. Another vote for the 21 oz Hydroflasks. I carry 2 bottles on my Clicgear usually one with Nuun tablets and the other with water. A must for hot weather and they keep everything really cold too.
  15. I noticed this past weekend playing a new course that the sand in the bunkers was more like powder than the sand I'm used to at other courses and it really affected my play. Just couldn't get used to it nor hit the ball hard enough either. Would have really benefited from some practice in bunkers there. Must be a little difficult for the pros going from place to place with different types of sand and conditions - although they're all so good that they can adapt I guess. Not me though - this was tough sand at this course.
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