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  1. All comes down to what level your game is at and what you are willing to look down at. Always played GI irons but recently split my iron set to include players clubs at the bottom end and much prefer the look and turf interaction. Depends on what you like for your game I guess. Of course I have a friend who plays all hybrid irons. They look ugly, but he hits them great and enjoys them so again it's what you can stomach to look at.
  2. Some good courses I've played around the area include: Wachusett GC - old D Ross course Butternut CC - very tight Pinehills - Jones and Nicklaus courses Granite Links - expensive, great views, a little over rated Olde Scotland Links West Bridgewater Poquoy Brook Wentworth Hills (great shape, shorter) Red Tail Shaker Hills Captains/ Cranberry Valley/ Olde Barnstable/ Bayberry - all on the Cape George Wright - post renovation is supposed to be great Sandy Burr Foxboro - private but has some public openings Ju
  3. As a terminal overswinger in the backswing I often get 'stuck' behind the ball and end up hitting behind the ball or come over the top with my swing path. I've worked hard to reduce the overswing, and change my swing overall, but still have trouble getting the correct sequence and speed through the ball again. Are you supposed to bump the lower body laterally or try to turn your hips in the downswing and then cover the ball? Feels like I'm trying to turn my hips and it causes problems with hitting the ball correctly. It's discouraging when others are hitting it beyond me and my ball flight
  4. Switch to a softer bright yellow ball this time of year and you'll have a better chance of finding them - they really stick out. Stay away from the matte balls. The look really bright at first but get dirty REALLY quickly and you won't be able to find them. Usually play a white ball most of the year but have a sleeve of yellow in the bag now just in case and will switch in the next few weeks until next spring. Fall and winter rounds in New England can be tough finding balls but the advantages of a nice quiet day, cooler temps, etc. really make it worth playing. And in this environment I'm
  5. Absolutely addicted to playing and tweaking my swing. Always practice swinging, checking my grip, or chipping in my yard. Then it's to the range and playing as much as possible. Feel bad if I don't grab a club and practice every day even if it's only some quick swings or a few putts. On top of that all I watch is golf, youtube golf or read about golf (WRX of course). Very addicted. Now if I could only make it a career, hmmmm.
  6. Hope he recovers quickly and safely. This virus is hitting all walks of life and can be very dangerous with side effects possible. Stay safe everyone.
  7. Is the Golf Channel going away once they move their HQ to CT? hope not as it's the only tv I really watch. Better earlier programming but it's still golf after all. If NBC gets rid of it that's it for xfinity.
  8. Love this time of year for golf. Cooler temps, hopefully quicker rounds and great scenery. Played yesterday and it started out colder (high 30s) but warmed up nicely. Can't wait to play again.
  9. I typically play right through the winter, if there's no snow on the ground in the Boston area. Limited courses are open but you can play down into the 20's as long as you layer up your clothing correctly, play a softer yellow ball and bring some hand warmers. Very quiet and peaceful and you can have some fun with the crazy bounces, etc. you'll find on the course. It's more about your swing than it is about scoring as it gets colder. Hearing that we'll have a mild winter which is always good for golf too.
  10. Went to my favorite golf store (Joe and Leighs) this weekend and found the inventory, including used clubs, was pretty cleaned out. Talked to the owner who indicated the summer was really busy overall and that they had a hard time restocking. Got the feeling that the manufacturers were not keeping up with the demand. Hard to find products out there right now apparently. Not really looking for anything currently but always like to look and it's tough right now.
  11. Nice new interface and simplified graphics. Getting better each time. Thanks for the opportunity too.
  12. Granite Links, Pinehills, Crosswinds, Pembroke are a few very nice courses. All less than an hour from Quincy too.
  13. Red Tail and Samoset are terrific courses. A few suggestions include Granite Links, Pinehills, Wachusett GC, Butterbrook, and then some down on the Cape including Captains and Cranberry Valley. Lots of good courses around the area and October is terrific weather to play too with all the leaves changing and less people typically on the courses. Have a great trip.
  14. I agree that the course setup needs to be rethought. Too many course allow the players to play bomb and gouge with little or no penalty for missing the fairway. As the article on the home page mentions, the pros are hitting driver and wedge or at most short irons on every hole. Challenging them to hit mid and long irons would make some difference and possibly make them hit the fairway too. Most of the longer hitters are only hitting 50% of the fairways, but yet still score very low scores - doesn't seem right to me. I don't think just lengthening the courses is the answer but having tight
  15. I like Poquoy Brook as it's a decent track and pretty good conditions overall too. Some others in the area include Olde Scotland Links and West Bridgewater GC (used to be River Bend) which are both in good shape and challenging too. I enjoy Butternut, but understand if you spray your tee shot it's not all that fun in the trees all day as it's narrow. Sandy Burr is a good course and has really improved over the past few years with fast sloping greens. Some other courses in the area include Maplegate (as you said it gets busy), New England (although that's fallen a bit), Brookmeadow CC and e
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