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  1. Well to be technical, that was 98 - Im guessing since he was a Taylor Made guy those were like the Burner Tour? Anyhow back to flying, I do at least one trip every year flying with my clubs going back to the late 90's then most times I do at least a flight with clubs 1-2 more times a year - knock on wood, coming and going have not had issues on planes. None of the 8-12 guys who travel on our buddies weekend trip have ever had issues either. One year I did use Ship Stix, we were hitting some baseball stadiums up the east coast on the way to Boston and didnt want to lug clubs onto train fro
  2. I tried the previous gen for the first time last summer and really liked it, for the most part I thought it played similar to the Z-star - the one area as mentioned that often times these next level balls dont have is the stop and check on chips around the greens, full irons shots they do, but the checkers around the greens tends to get more run out and less bite.
  3. some great looking stuff - always loved Mizuno clubs - currently playing a 3-wood of theirs. As most know, Tiger won his first Masters using Mizuno irons, a combo set of MP14 and 29's at a time when who played what especially with regards to Tiger really moved the retail needle. I always wondered what could have been if they would have somehow been able to sign Tiger in 96-97 when he turned professional.
  4. The other things Ive read about but not 100% sure how it will play is the factoring of Par not just rating into the handicap. We do a guys trip every year and we base the handicaps off of the trip rounds only through the years - one thing I always notice for the higher handicappers is that even tough courses with like 130+ slopes, the rating from say the regular mens tees might be 2-3-4 strokes under par - so I always felt like they were getting a few extra strokes that I didnt necessarily think was a good indication - seems like Par and rating are now factors
  5. Thanks are the -1 and -2 adjustments for the low number of rounds, is that strokes off the index or off the posted round or posted round handicap?
  6. I know with the new system there have been some changes, its now your best 8 lowest handicap/index rounds out of 20 instead of 10 and I know its been noted that you can establish a handicap with less rounds than before. But is there a new chart that shows how many out of say 15 rounds are used? I cant seem to find that anywhere. Some of the tweaks make a little bit of sense, but I think a lot of players may short change themselves on the net double bogey, most average golfers in a regular round do not know or take the time to find out what their course handicap is.
  7. Ping UGLE Putter - just perfect design for me, modern weighting and center shaft - kind of reminded me of bulls eye which I always loved for short putts, but then had the modern weighting and back for longer putts - have looked at others through the years, but just havent seen anything that I say "I have to have that" For non-putters - I have a 909 titleist hybrid that I absolutely love - its my go to for so many varied lie shots - I hit it about 185 as my distance, but can hit a variety of shots and trajectories with it.
  8. West coast golfer grew up poa and bent - I have really struggled with Bermuda, can never get feel for speed and line, putts dont seem to break as much as I think and as someone mentioned irons off the fairway seem to be tough to gauge distance control -
  9. Paiute is a pretty good hike out of town as he mentioned he does not have a rental car - Where are you staying? Depending on which end of town, strip, etc might help think best value closest to that spot?
  10. Local tournaments as mentioned If you are really serious about potentially joining - you could go that routeNot sure how good of a player you are, but if your Index meets criteria, look at some of the local qualifying for some of the USGA events (not the US Open) but some others with a little higher index minimum from time to time your local qualifying sectional will be held at private clubs.
  11. Two that came to mind immediately were Pacific Grove - already mentioned and then also mentioned Spyglass, the opening 5-6 holes are awesome and then you feel like you are playing Poppy Hills, which is nice, but not at Spy pricing. TPC Scottsdale also comes to mind, they have some really great holes there on the back stretch.
  12. Thanks for the feedback I think it will be a good practice round option, we do a points system ("tweaked" modified system) and we use handicaps, one this is that we have never used the system on a course with so many par 3's and I dont even know how the handicap system work, its one thing for a really difficult like 230 yard par 3 to be one where some players get 2 strokes, but with so many par 3's, I could see some ordinary par 3's being 2 strokers, and I just am unsure how a par 62 would work with what we do, but it does sound like a great golf course, I am planning on setting up the practic
  13. Pebble Beach Whistling Straits Wolf Creek PGA West Stadium Pasatiempo HON Mention: Cascata Get a lot of love pub wise but wouldnt even crack my top 20: Torrey South Cog Hill Dubs
  14. Thanks for the feedback guys - in reading someones recent posts about experience at Lakewood, seems like drainage is an issue, so would that be a factor? Heavy rains in the days and weeks leading into our trip, perhaps avoid?
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