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  1. you can only have one ad at a time, it doesn't matter which section it is in. Post one ad in whichever forum you choose, and when it sells or you decide you want to end the listing, close it, wait 24 hours, then post a new ad in the other subforum
  2. if someone sees the topic and feels like they have some input to give, they will respond. All of your posts are visible
  3. Bst comments and 19th hole don’t count towards the total
  4. Have you tried a center shaft putter? Are you left or right eye dominant?
  5. The hybrid is an absolute beast for me. Ive had the 400, 410 and now the 425 all with the tour 85 and the new one is hotter and less likely to balloon. The new 3w (max) is longer and spins less than my previous g400. still getting used to it. haven't hit the driver yet
  6. Ping has a new lineup out in 3 different colors https://ping.com/en-us/shop/apparel/men-s-apparel/bottoms/ping-stretch-webbing-belt
  7. I tried them on in the pro shop today; super comfortable. Not much for looks. they ran a full size smaller for me than nikes
  8. Don’t alert anyone to them. you either have to go through your options to place an ad or chose not to. But linking your eBay sales will get you suspended
  9. ive been using the HB soft 11c (center shaft) since it came out. pretty happy with it. excellent value and great performance
  10. ive had both, and much prefer the S. Mine has the putter well also. Having the stand makes a big difference for me at the range, in the parking lot, outside the club house when checking in, and at home. It has a ton of pockets for storage. When it wears out, I'll get the same one
  11. I have an orbi mesh system that works very well. Easy setup that is guided through the app. It covers the whole house, and my 2 acre yard. Eero and google wifi mesh systems are great too
  12. You only have to pay if you have below 75 posts. You have over 500 posts. You would not have been able to start an ad without paying if you did not meet the minimum.
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