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  1. 1. Listing items for trade requires pictures and you must have a price and they go in the classifieds. 2. You can either add items to your existing listing in this scenario (as long as you don’t exceed 10 items in the ad at one time) or close the ad, wait 24 hours, and start a new ad, leaving out the items from your previous listing, as the 30 day rule would apply
  2. It just depends on your swing and launch. i have no trouble hitting the ball high (too high because i flip a bit) my fitter and i decided on the 4 and 5 in the zx5 and the 6-A in the zx7 with the zx7 bent 1 degree strong to try to get my flight down a bit more and blend the set better. I probably would have been fine going zx7 for the whole set but I've played the 565s in the past and really liked the long irons in them. I also debated going with a zx utility iron in the 4 and then 5-A in the zx7 but ultimately chose what I did
  3. This assessment is spot on in my opinion. I went in to my fitting wondering if i would have the game for the x7s- even as a high single digit cap. Looking down at the club the first time I was surprised at how the top line was thicker than I expected but it gave me confidence. I went 4 and 5 in the x5 and 6-A in the x7 and as said above, the combo set seems like it will blend well. I'll find out in a few weeks when they get here
  4. I think I may have found a winner. Land angle around 50 degrees. My 7 iron numbers today. you may have to turn your phone sideways to see the chart right PROJECT X 6.0 SRIXON ZX7 Hide Change Data Club Speed Attack Ang. Smash Fac. Ball Speed Spin Rate Club Path Face Ang. Face To Path Carry Height Yds/Ft, Mph Mph Deg Mph Rpm Deg Deg Deg
  5. You have 25 posts. Posts in bst ads dont count towards your total. Please make sure you do not "post run" (see the rules), as that will result in a suspension
  6. i have a ping boonie but i feel like i look stupid in it. I think the brim is just a little too big and want to try other options. I still wear it on occasion
  7. https://ping.com/en-us/shop/accessories/club-covers/replacement-headcover,-hybrids i think you can select either the universal cover or the specific model
  8. i have a proquuip one that i like a lot. very easy to swing in and warm in the 40's. I think Sunice makes one like you want; also this at TGW in addition to the adidas mentioned above: https://www.tgw.com/sun-mountain-mens-hybrid-full-zip-golf-jacket
  9. US 11.5 or 12- but it all depends on the shoe. Im an 11.5 in almost all nike golf shoes, occasionally an 11. 11 in adidas tour 360. 11 in most foot joy are too big for me
  10. copy/paste from the bst rules: Pinned listings may have up to 10 items and additional items may not be added to the listing.The maximum period of time for a pinned listing is 30 days and ALL BST and Board Rules apply. Usually if you fix the violations you can re do the ad
  11. agree with the above, the wind cuts right through them. There are better options out there. Ive been wearing the Ping Elden pullover in those temps. Very good stretch and good at knocking down the wind. I'll wear a thin baselayer under it in the 50's. down in the 40's, Im usually busting out a jacket
  12. Love the tw14. Still bust mine out every once in a while and they still look great with a wipe down from a magic eraser
  13. You can change it in your settings to the old way where when you click on the title it goes to the first unread post
  14. You may be better off waiting on the g425 at this point. Or just ordering one from that Japanese site now
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