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  1. i had a fitting at club champion recently and my path was pretty much the same no matter what putter i used. A very subtle arch. Faced balanced or 10-15 degree toe hang was recommended. I had a center shafted putter before, liked a bettinardi SS28 the best at the fitting, but have since gone back to a different center shaft putter because I just aim it better
  2. Most of the time the person in question has accumulated so many warnings from breaking the same rules when placing ads that they ultimately get their rights to place an ad removed. the scammers or anyone who really wronged another member are usually banned from the site. You should be fine
  3. I bought a new one a few weeks ago. The face is so mushy soft on it. I have only practiced with it once but I’m not sure it’s going to make it to the bag. I bought it after a fitting. I’ve been a center shaft guy for a while so it may take a little while to adjust but it feels softer than the white hot pro insert on my gamer
  4. Adding this on for anyone who is size small or XXL- they have the black version of last years norse (the black was originally only released in europe) available on sale right now and I got an email that they have an extra 20% off at checkout on all sale items for black friday. I didn't try to see if it was discounted more because it isn't my size https://ping.com/en-us/shop/apparel/men-s-apparel/outerwear/norse-s2-jacket and here is a link to the other sale items: https://ping.com/en-us/shop/products?category=sale&count=24
  5. i have all 3 versions of the norse. Great jacket for cold weather. I haven't got a chance to play in the newest version yet. I bought it when they first put it up on the site a couple of months ago but it hasn't been cold enough here yet. The puffy part on the chest is a little more bulky on this new version than the previous ones. The first one was very slim fitting and has elastic on the end of the sleeves. Version 2 and 3 fit less slim than the original for me but i still wear the same size. The original version had a bomber style collar that they improved a little with version 2 and a ton with the new one. I can wear just a good base layer and this and be good in the thirties with wind and no sun. Too hot if sunny and over 45 degrees with no wind unless i just have a short sleeve shirt on https://ping.com/en-us/shop/apparel/men-s-apparel/outerwear/norse-s3-jacket
  6. I have the same irons and shafts as you and a similar SS (107-112 at my last fitting). I would go ping g425 hybrid with the tour 85 shaft. Its the first hybrid ive had that i dont balloon and a massive improvement over previous ping hybrids.
  7. this one on pings site looks pretty sweet
  8. Hopefully they continue it by bringing back an updated version of the protype milled
  9. ill probably just order the betti but i was just curious if any of the big OEM made a similar putter. Every other wide blade i see is either face balanced or has a ton of toe hang. I also really liked the regular sized lamkin betti grip, and want to get one for another putter, but can't figure out which one it is on lamkin's site.
  10. Had a fitting and liked the bettinardi best. im curious about anything similar you guys know about. Wide body blade with a single bend shaft but only 15 degrees of toe hang (i can't even figure out how thats possible with a single bend) Any suggestions? Also, if anyone can tell me which lamkin grip is on it that would be great. I think its the sink fit rubber but on betti's site it says both the regular and jumbo are in the low 70 gram range. I can't find anything on the lamkin site that matches the jumbo. I think the sink fit skinny pistol is the standard but im not sure
  11. this sub 70 has 42 degrees of toe hang https://www.golfsub70.com/sub-70-sycamore-006-blade-putter.html and this wide blade has 40, not quite heel shafted but single bend https://www.golfsub70.com/sub-70-sycamore-005-wide-blade-putter.html
  12. You have to click on moderation options and then lock it. It looks different on different devices but it will be on the top. Also, in the future, before you start an ad, click your profile then click my activity streams and then select “content I started”-it will show you any topics you have started and you can go through and check for open ads.
  13. Last week Callaway pre-owned put up a few models of the white hot pro series putters from several years ago and I picked this up- center shaft #7. It’s the bigger head version. It was outlet condition and appears brand new
  14. I felt like the insert on the sigma was not nearly as good- too soft and plastic like. The 2021 models with the tungsten weight up by the face feel way more solid and in my opinion, puts a better roll on the ball i played this summer with a 2021 tyne c but I've recently replaced it with a center shafted white hot pro #7 (the big headed 7) that i picked up from callaway preowned.
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