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  1. Make sure you close any open ad and wait 24 hours before you start a new one
  2. Thanks for the link. I have both the original norse jacket in black and last years model in navy. Last years model is a nicer looking jacket; i much prefer playing in the original just because the sleeves have elastic in the cuffs and it is slightly more slim fitting (same size in both) curious about any changes this go around @chris975d usually has the inside scoop on all things ping Edit- Worldwide still has some large and xl of the light blue Norse II for $49 https://www.worldwidegolfshops.com/ping-mens-norse-primaloft-ii-jacket-100010285/p
  3. You should get a warning that says what the violation was. Your ad listed 18 dozen balls. You only are allowed to list 10 items. See the rules for what counts as an individual item
  4. You guys are doing a great job. There were a lot of people who bashed you and said you didn't care about members opinions and only cared about money etc., but most of us with brains could read between the lines and tell you weren't happy when things weren't getting fixed by certain dates (or at all). I suspect you knew pretty early that Vanilla couldn't deliver what they promised and had to develop a competent plan to change , like any reasonable rational business owner does when their company is going down a path they dont like
  5. Click the thing at the bottom that looks like a mountain
  6. I have all 3 and like them a lot. The tours stretch the best, the regular highland look the best (to me). The lightweight 5 pocket have a jean style look and nice stretch and are obviously thin. Good for fall or to wear a base layer under when cold. The highland tour shorts are great too The regular highland can pass for a very casual dress pant/dont look so much like a golf pant. ETA: the "final sale" stuff isn't returnable but the "sale" stuff is so if you aren't sure on your sizes, get stuff from the "sale" category. They do have pretty accurate size charts though.
  7. Ask @GwrxMod usually the standard for being sold here is whether or not it is sold in a golf store or by an online golf retailer
  8. if its been more than 30 days, close the old ad, make the new one, and follow the steps outlined in the rules for pinning. If less than 30 days, you can either add to the old one and then pin it, or wait until 30 days past the START date of the previous ad
  9. you already have an open adclose it, wait 24 hours, then you can post a new one, as long as you follow all of the other rules
  10. the pre software change ones still show up. Most since the change don’t.
  11. its probably from a thread/topic or a comment that got removed
  12. just started playing these (came from z565). Only 3 rounds in but really liking them. Great feel, look good. The right amount of spin
  13. read the rules that are linked at the top of the classifieds section. It tells you what to do there
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