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  1. Unteachable

    2 ball ten

    I went from the micro hinge 2 ball ten, traded that in after a couple of rounds for a white hot og #7, then traded that back in for a limited 2 ball ten with the white hot insert. I love it on short putts. Struggling a little on lags. Ive been playing a center shaft for a few years and I still may go back to one if im not 100% confident after a few more rounds
  2. Part of the penalty for breaking the rules is having to re do the ad
  3. any feedback on the center shafted tyne?
  4. Talk to your pro about setting up a footjoy fitting day with the rep. A local semi-private club near me does one with footjoy and adidas (on separate saturdays) every year. Usually can get a small discount too which is pretty rare for FJ. Last time they had one they had a large selection to try on and you could place your order. One year they had the 1957 belts and wallets too. The course advertised it on facebook and the pro told me it brought in a lot of business. I asked the FJ rep about it because I hadn't ever seen a shoe demo from them and he told me all the pro u
  5. hopefully they bring back the newport 2.6 or some other nice center shaft option
  6. I just looked at their site and im interested in the 005 center shaft, which is out of stock. Please update when you get it in and let me know how it looks and feels. Pretty good price for a milled putter
  7. Anyone ever bought any of these from the prior releases and can comment on the quality? they just dropped a new line and the Japan exclusive stuff on the site has always looked good to me https://ping.com/en-us/shop/products?category=onlineexclusives&collection=PINGJapanExclusives&count=16
  8. Unteachable

    2 ball ten

    there is a counter weight in the shaft. its kind of bullet shaped with rubber o-rings on it so it sticks in the shaft
  9. Unteachable

    2 ball ten

    i had a fitting earlier this week and chose the 2 ball ten. A face balanced mallet worked best for me and i had been eyeing this for a while. My first round with it was a mess. I was too distracted trying to line up the 2 balls and my stroke was all off from the things i learned i was doing in the sam putt lab session. I'm going to give it a few more rounds and try to clear my head and focus with it
  10. You have to wait 30 days from the start date of your previous ad to list the same item for sale again. your original ad was listed on June 1 so you need to wait 30 days to post an ad with that item again. you can hit the report button on the previous ad and ask for it to be reopened
  11. Yes You also have the option to pay a listing fee if you don't have 75 posts. All of this is covered in the rules linked above
  12. I got to test this out at edwin watts today; I think it feels better than the micro hinge version. The grip is too small. I like the grip on the micro hinge version better but the insert on this limited version feels much better to me
  13. Same question for me. If the 35 pops up im ordering. Im going to run by edwin watts this weekend to see if they have any
  14. I have used a Cleveland hb soft 11 center shaft for a couple of years. the biggest thing I’ve noticed during play is that I have eliminated my tendency to pull short putts, which was a big problem for me with other putter styles.
  15. i think the new ones look and feel significantly better. The ones I tested had the pp58 grip on them (one model had the pp60). I think those are better than the grip from the adjustable shaft version last year
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