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  1. This thread offers me a good reminder to not throw or slam a club in anger. You break a shaft and you may be without a club for a few months
  2. The tens are coming out with the white hot inserts (supposed to be next week) as well as the 11s. Im sure the trihots will be on callaway preowned in 6 months for a better price
  3. my local edwin watts already has these on the floor and i was able to hit some of them this morning. I really liked the OG double wide. I tried out the 5k double and triple wide and the OG double wide. I could not tell any difference in forgiveness/moi. The tri hot 5k putters do feel a little heavier and the white hot insert feels a touch more firm on them (i presume from all of the weight in the head) I could game the triple wide put it looks pretty big. Im going back this weekend when i have more time because I didn't hit the 7ch. I did not see the 11's out yet. Based on my initial feel, the double wide OG was the winner
  4. Hey i tried to pm you but it said you couldn’t receive messages Can you tell me how the fit is in the waist and rear? im usually wearing bonobos highland slim in 35 -32. They are a little big in the waist but fit good across the hips. Are they comparable in fit? trying to decide whether the 34 waist would fit in public rec or just get a 36 and get tailored thanks
  5. I got some grey eddie bauer fleece lined pants from costco last year for $20 and they have been great. Look and stretch like any other golf pant.
  6. post them-if someone from the site has an issue with it they can delete them
  7. Short story- I don’t lag putt well with it or anything with the weight in the rear. longer version- I went down a long rabbit hole searching for a putter I liked last year. I had been using a center shaft Cleveland hb soft 11 and started struggling. I went and did a fitting Over the last 6 months I bought: 2 ball ten 2 ball ten tour authentic ping Tyne C two ball ten tour lined bettinardi ss28 and right now I’m using a center shaft white hot pro 7 that I got on callaway preowned for less than $100. I’m very thankful Edwin watts has the 90 day trade in. I have also been working through grips- I like the superstroke mid slim 2.0 but they get so slick and don’t feel like they used to for me. I used gift cards and trade ins so I wasn’t out much money on the whole process but I still am not sure what I like. I’m going to test the white hot og double wide and the tri hot triple wide. I did figure out that I don’t care for the microhinge insert and the Bettinardi Face was way too mushy. I probably need to find a milled face putter with center shaft or single bend and face balanced and stick with it
  8. they put out one version last year with the white hot face (the rahm tour authentic). This year, they are releasing the other ten models with the white hot insert instead of the micro hinge. And I think the stroke lab shaft has changed slightly.
  9. I really love center shaft models too (white hot pro 7 center is my current gamers). I guess they just don’t sell well. I was really hoping they would bring the 3T in one of the lines
  10. the 7 bird double bend white hot og is face balanced. Also, the tens are being released with the white hot insert instead of the micro hinge and a few of the models are face balanced. The tri hot triple wide is probably as big as some mid mallets and is faced balanced too
  11. has anyone tried the vest? specifically is it warm, does it stretch and does the collar rub your neck when you swing?
  12. Go to the post and hit the report button and ask for it to be reopened
  13. So far i want to try The white hot OG double wide white hot OG 7 ch tri hot triple wide and the center shaft 11
  14. you are correct The first day they were on the site there was an option to check lengths and stock and other specs that have since been removed. I saw an armlock version listed for the tour lined double bend i think
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