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  1. > @CRGOLF said: > Are they the original factory shafts? Length? > @scarp2 said: > Shaft length? 37”
  2. I don’t believe they have been altered. Standard length one length
  3. Set of one length irons with stiff flex kbs tour flt 120 shafts. In good solid shape with a ton of life left and grips are also in good condition. Looking for $s0ldddd. shipped in the US.
  4. Gone..... Pick these up recently but staying with my old ladies. Good solid shape, and lots and lots of life left, grips are very very good. 2deg strong and 2deg flat. Looking to get my cash back out of them, TRADED..... shipped in the US. Would consider 4-aw ap3’s in great condition as a trade or a cobra f9 and your cash to boot. These are the only trades I’m considering, please don’t send anything else. I have lots of perfect feedback on the old system. Pm me with any questions, PayPal preferred
  5. Ping g30 10.5 lst, great shape with headcover soldddddd Ping g 10.5 lst, great shape with headcover, SOLDDDD Taylormade 2017 m1 tour issue, 440 head, 9.5 degree, don’t know specs but in great shape with headcover, soldddddd
  6. Have any pics of the top line and bottom? Curious what weights are in it
  7. Looking to sell these 4 items, would except m2 9.5 or ping g last or max 9 degree head only for any of the drivers or shaft... 913 d3 8.5 degree head only, good used shape, includes headcover. 60$ M1 10.5 degree driver head only, SOLD$, good used condition with headcover Taylormade PSI forged 4-aw heads only. Used but have lots of life left.... SOLD$$ project x 6.0, 4-pw, 7 iron played at 37”. SOLD$$ shipped. Take these off my hands so I can buy something else, ha. If I’m off on price send me an offer
  8. I don’t think skytrak can do angle of attack...
  9. I know of those two, but trying to do it much cheaper hopefully. It may be futile
  10. Looking for one for indoors, room or garage setup, would like to have a driving range simulation and all ball data, club data would be good as well, face to other etc. just wondering which ones will do this and then I’ll figure out if it even makes sense cost wise. Any help is appreciated. Not looking to spend TrackMan money, ha. 4-5k Max is ideal, and not sure what I’m asking for exists price wise.
  11. Soldddddd Used for 2 rds, not much use before I got it from the looks of it. Looking to sale and can ship ASAP. SOLddddd Includes head cover but no shaft
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