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  1. I have had multiple tranactions with them. My last experience was the worst. They listed a set of titleist 681 T stamp irons 6-Pw for about 200$ buy it now. The irons did have moderate face wear but for T stamps it was a fair price. I bought them and they issued the ups tracking number. 3 days later I noticed UPS never got them so I sent an email asking why. They gave an excuse about not finding them and issued my refund. Some months later they relisted them but at a 600$ price. They sat for about 3 months and they sent it to auction. They eventually sold for about 170$- not to me, I was not g
  2. A human swinging a golf club is unusually intutitive- not like an Iron Byron machine. I noticed with a TM R9 driver that when I would move the heavy 16g weight to the heel my swing would speed up and I would get longer drives - same head weight just different weight balance positioning. Maybe your new driver head has a different internal weight balance and you are altering your swing to compensate without even realizing it?
  3. I had a Honma Super Big Lb persimmon driver that had a graphite insert and partially hollowed out resin impregnated center for more perimeter weighting - very playable. I would imagine an up to date version of these ideas would be very effective.
  4. I have a Roger Dunn's golf store nearby and they have always been kind in giving me boxes. Any golf store in your area should have some - they usually throw them away.
  5. What helped me lower my score was to work on the one part of my game that was causing me the most frustration. When I lowered the stress on that problem, I would move to the next issue. With my overall frustration level lower, I enjoyed playing more and scored better.
  6. Yes, that the Spalding tour edition blade is my choice too. They are very classy without a lot of fancy design. In new condition they are true jewels.
  7. Your hit instinct is really coming alive at the range. The one thing that helped me overcome this was to gradually exhale from the start of the downswing through the ball to the finish. This really smoothed out my swing through the ball.
  8. I used to be just an average long putter until I started counting my steps when walking from the ball to the hole. By counting the distance this way I became more aware of just how far I was from the hole. I then try to picture the ball just barely toppling into the hole from the high side. This mental image helped me greatly in getting the ball closer on those very long putts.
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