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  1. > @mallrat said: > What James refers to as a black/white we generally call either block mowing or an Augusta Stripe I've always called that the Shinnecock. As others have said Augusta mows all in the same direction.
  2. I live in CR and have been out there a few years ago before I had kids looking at becoming a member. Never got to play the course, though. It's hosting the USGA Senior Women's Am at the end of the month and I'll be there a couple days helping volunteer. Should be a good chance to see what it's all about.
  3. [color=#191919][b]Aluminum/Running White/Light Scarlet Size 12[/b][/color] [color=#191919][b]Thanks!![/b][/color]
  4. Gustbuster Golf 62 for me. I need a nice new umbrella. Thanks!!
  5. GolfWRX has kept me informed on so much golf information. It has also helped me upgrade my bag and find equipment that better matches my swing.
  6. I'm ready to switch to some DG Tour Issue shafts that actual match my swing so I can see some increased consistency.
  7. [list] [*]City / State - Marion, IA [*]Zip Code - 52302 [*]Handicap? - 6 [*]Current Irons? - Cleveland TA7 Tour [*]Current shafts? - DG S300 [*]Driver swing speed? - 115 [*]6i Swing speed? - 95 [*]Current Trajectory? - Mid/High [*]Preferred Trajectory? - Mid [*]Any other notes you’d like provide. - I could really use some new shafts, as I feel like I lose a lot of consistency with my current shafts. [/list]
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