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  1. My apologies. I didn't get a notification for your question. I will upload a picture tonight
  2. Feel free to ask any questions or make me an offer. 1. Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour size 13. Brand New, just tried them on and they didn't fit. Never seen grass. $old 2. KBS C-Taper 130x shaft set. 4-PW. Brand new from KBS $old 3. Exotics E8 Driver head. Used for about 1 season. Some wear on face and sole, but clean topline. You can buy adapters from Exotics for this head still. $50.00 4. Scotty Cameron Circa 62 #3. Plays 35", Lamkin deep etched cord grip, no headcover $350.00 5. Vokey SM6 set, 50, 54, 58, 62 Jet Black. BB&F Co ferrules on 50,54,58, Golf pride z cord grips $old
  3. Does anyone know someone who can mill new grooves in a wedge? Looking to have my current wedge grooves extended to full face grooves like the tm hi toe wedges.
  4. First time listing on here so here goes nothing... If you need any more info or want to see more pictures, just let me know. All prices include shipping. 1. Taylormade Original One Mini Driver 11.5* head with a Mitsubishi Tensei ck blue 60g stiff flex shaft. Listing is for the full club. Shaft is 42" from tip to grip. SOLD 2. Goodwood Senna putter. This is one of the original 12 from the first run of these putters. 34", "standard loft", 69* lie angle, sight circle. Comes with Ping PP58 grip. This is a raw carbon steel head with a bead blast finish. As you can see from the pictures, it has some rust forming. Great putter that deserves a good home. $400 3. Nike Method Origin B2-07. 34", standard loft and lie. The grip is a Ping PP58 with a leather wrap and a Superstroke weight. I believe it is the 50 gram weight. SOLD
  5. Has anyone been able to test both of these shafts out? Any feeback both positive or negative?
  6. I've been playing more golf than usual this summer and have started to develop some pain/discomfort in my left hand (I'm a righty)around my thumb and palm. After doing some research online, most of my symptoms match up to De Quervains tendinitis. I notice the discomfort most at impact (I take some pretty healthy divots). I know its a long shot, but does anyone have any experience with this issue and have you found any solutions or relief? Would I benefit from a change in grip?
  7. No, I bought one of those assuming it would work, but its too small. I believe thats the newer adapter they came out with.
  8. Does anybody know where/if I can find an adapter for an Exotics e8 driver head? I've looked everywhere and cant find any, other than buying a used driver on ebay and trying to pull the adapter off.
  9. I'm am currently gaming the Taylormade Original One Mini Driver with an Aldila Rogue x stiff 3 wood shaft. Not the longest driver ever, but straight as an arrow and I can hit it off the deck. Great club
  10. If you want to maximize performance on new clubs, go get fit. Its the best way to test a variety of heads, shafts, lofts etc. I recently did a driver fitting at club champion and while I didnt gain any notable distance off the tee, the combo that they fit me for tightened my dispersion significantly.
  11. jgaudy15

    Putter shaft

    I've had similar questions and just gave the company a call. Most are helpful and can get you an answer quickly
  12. Similar to previous comments, could be the lie angle you are setting up at and depending on the putter, the sole could promote the face to close. Could be a combination of a few things.
  13. I've played the FF, stability and most recently the KBS. I love the feel and look of the stability, but you obviously will pay for it. I recently got the white pearl KBS and put it on a black, PXG lucky d head and it looks great. Love the feel of it for $40.
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