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  1. Has anyone been able to test both of these shafts out? Any feeback both positive or negative?
  2. I've been playing more golf than usual this summer and have started to develop some pain/discomfort in my left hand (I'm a righty)around my thumb and palm. After doing some research online, most of my symptoms match up to De Quervains tendinitis. I notice the discomfort most at impact (I take some pretty healthy divots). I know its a long shot, but does anyone have any experience with this issue and have you found any solutions or relief? Would I benefit from a change in grip?
  3. No, I bought one of those assuming it would work, but its too small. I believe thats the newer adapter they came out with.
  4. Does anybody know where/if I can find an adapter for an Exotics e8 driver head? I've looked everywhere and cant find any, other than buying a used driver on ebay and trying to pull the adapter off.
  5. I'm am currently gaming the Taylormade Original One Mini Driver with an Aldila Rogue x stiff 3 wood shaft. Not the longest driver ever, but straight as an arrow and I can hit it off the deck. Great club
  6. If you want to maximize performance on new clubs, go get fit. Its the best way to test a variety of heads, shafts, lofts etc. I recently did a driver fitting at club champion and while I didnt gain any notable distance off the tee, the combo that they fit me for tightened my dispersion significantly.
  7. jgaudy15

    Putter shaft

    I've had similar questions and just gave the company a call. Most are helpful and can get you an answer quickly
  8. Similar to previous comments, could be the lie angle you are setting up at and depending on the putter, the sole could promote the face to close. Could be a combination of a few things.
  9. I've played the FF, stability and most recently the KBS. I love the feel and look of the stability, but you obviously will pay for it. I recently got the white pearl KBS and put it on a black, PXG lucky d head and it looks great. Love the feel of it for $40.
  10. Nothing too crazy, but I put a stability tour shaft on a Bettinardi Queen Bee 5 head and added a superstroke grip. Came out to around $600 in the end.
  11. jgaudy15

    Pxg gen 2

    I picked up a lucky d h earlier this year and love it. Alignment is great, feel is soft, but solid. I have been making more putts than ever since I got it. Very happy with the results so far.
  12. Have been on the hunt for the perfect wallet for years. I loved the secrid as mentioned above but it was a little hard to sit on for a full day. Eventually just ended up making my own and have been using it for about 9 months. Holds all my cards, business cards and cash and stays pretty slim.
  13. Or if anyone has high launch shaft recommendations that they like
  14. I have played the GD tour AD MT 6x for a few years now and have loved it. I initially had it in an Exotics E8 head and then switched to an M4 in a 10.5*. Loved both and had a mid/penetrating draw. Couldnt have been happier. Then I switched to an M6 9* head this year and cant find a fairway for the life of me. I've tried about 6 shafts and a pound of lead tape, but my miss is always low and right. Even when I hit the sweet spot I am hitting a mid trajectory fade. Has anyone played this shaft or know anything about shaft/head combo? I have a fairly low spin rate 1700-1900 rpm and almost feel lik
  15. Pxg lucky d ping piper h nike method midnight 006
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