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  1. You aren't representative of all people by any means. You know what I think is annoying to no end? Movie previews that give away the entire movie. You know what kind of movie previews are most likely to get the average person into theaters? Previews they give away the entire movie. Just because something doesn't move the needle for the average golfwrxer doesn't mean it doesn't move the needle for the average American. They wouldn't bother paying celebs appearance fees or paying to advertise their presence if it didn't make a difference.
  2. Most people can recall things from their long-term memory or that they have reference for including places they've traveled to often or lived, so that's not really an indicator one way or another of whether or not short-term memory has been affected.
  3. I don't like what all the networks are doing with movement to their own services like Hulu, whatever CBS' online streaming is called, etc., but I can't help but think Amazon Prime Video will follow the same precedent Amazon did when it came to first books then everything else. They'll take the losses of providing content well below cost for years until the competition has no choice but to sell or goes out of business and then they'll be the only game in town. Amazon likely isn't doing it to be a competitive business, they're doing it so they can try to become the only business in as many arena
  4. No doubt, I was just answering the direct question that was asked. You're certainly correct that it's in his best interest to not be able to recall anything and I'm sure that was made very clear to him by whoever in his team was nearby as soon as they were able to speak to him if he didn't already have it on his mind from the get go.
  5. The problem for the LPGA tour is it has about zero crossover value. PGA, Euro Tour, and even mini tour events have celebrities at all levels attending them, playing in the pro-ams, putting on concerts, and drawing eyes, traffic, and dollars to men's golf. The women's tours have almost none of this in the west; they've definitely done a better job of it in Korea and Japan. There are threads discussing this over in the LPGA section of the forums, but the ladies' tour is lacking big time when it comes to playing on the things that would bring it more dollars. I can about guarantee you
  6. It's been said in this thread and 15 others like it: when fairways are slicker than the North Face of a mountain after a bluebird day--think very icy--is it any wonder certain holes become trivial? Stop shaving fairways down to the dirt. If someone bombs it 315 through the air then let them have all the yards they earned. If they do the same and put it in the rough penalize them if they don't have the ability to get it out. Place new trees, shrubs, whatever--it's good for the environment anyway, eh--and find new ways to make the course challenging. Players today shouldn't have the exact same e
  7. There's blood on the airbag, so clearly there was appreciable impact to his head. The nose bleeds easily, but that aside I don't know anyone who's not at least a bit dazed after an accident and at the speed he was going and with the severity of the wreck some type of head trauma is believable. Wasn't specifically mentioned in the news stories I saw, but likely. If you search you can probably find more on the medical release from the doctors.
  8. Glad he's alive, especially for his kids' sake. From the fact that he had a comminuted fracture and swelling that required additional surgical intervention to relieve--the physician interviewed about it said the report indicated it was so severe amputation would have been likely had it not happened within an hour or two of the accident--his recovery is going to be long and painful. I think this is going to be something that's going to be a harsh lesson at an already hard point in his career, and that's before any possible complications to the situation with his back or a knee that had already
  9. My man, she made 10 million freaking dollars off of sleeping with a married man. If she couldn't make that last, then yes, she needs to go get a real job and suck it up if she doesn't want to be treated like a media object, thrown to the wolves to get ratings. Maybe there's a reason no one would hire her? Perhaps something to do with her lack of character and zero demonstrated talent around anything other than being a wrecking ball for other people's lives at this point? She'll never get a pass from me for acting as she does, and no amount of discussion will change that.
  10. I guess you don't get that someone wrecking a marriage implies they destroy the entire thing, not just the husband. She's rolled through multiple people's marriages now and left them in shambles, effecting everyone touched by her actions. I can't for the life of me get why anyone is on here acting like she is in any way a victim. She continues to make her own hot bed of disaster, so she can deals with the asperity that comes with it.
  11. I mean, she continues to try and make a living off of the misery of or causing misery for others, so why should one feel sorry for her? She spoke on the record for this to make more money. She wrecks marriages because she wants the money someone else's husband has. What in the good green earth would make you think she deserves to be coddled? Losing someone twenty years ago should excuse the pattern of behavior she'd displayed? Got caught up in? Takes two to tango, and she was tapping out the time while all of this went down. I feel for her having lost as I would anyone else who has
  12. I want to post a Van Damme meme about the walnut thing but I just dropped a booty meme elsewhere so I'll let it lie.
  13. NSFW This kind of power can never be contained. Don't let 'em get you down, Big Koep. Let 'em think you're on the ropes, then give 'em the old one, two and show 'em what for when they least expect it!
  14. This is what we get from quality content creators: This is what we get from The Golf Channel:
  15. Like a Fury lite. Definitely not conventional overall, but I see a lot of good there. Honestly hadn't seen him before.
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