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  1. Glad to see DJ doing well. No joke, my only issue watching him play is his irons being clicky off the ball, just hate that sound. Hope he brings it home. Wouldn't mind if Ancer pulls something off, though. Pretty cool that he's doing so well after just making it to the tour last year after a while as a journeyman IIRC. Rory has a reason to go low and try and steal it back for his first green jacket, but I'm not sure he can outdo everyone sitting above him right now. As to Tiger, day one shows he still has the skill to get it done. I think it will be a hard balance since he can only
  2. As has been said, it's about viewership and ROI. I can point you to a recent thread where a member was upset the clubs he ordered aren't the same spec a PGA pro plays. He bought his irons because of who he saw using them on the PGA tour. Bizhub Swingvision Pro segments, time on the tour vans, and Dick's Sporting Good's commercials featuring TaylorMade gear during PGA events sell clubs. Some guy seeing Ping setup Bubba's new driver might go out and drop $500 on Saturday night so he can have the same thing before his Sunday four-ball. 100 other guys might go do the same that weekend. That's why
  3. If he plays like that again tomorrow he's going to have a lot of people feeling less than confident at their chances. Would love to see #16 with him striping it like he is.
  4. PedronNiall

    Bad look

    To each their own. I simply said there's no way I'll ever see that as more garish or out of place than the second set of golf outfits posted, many of which are from Tour events.
  5. Don't know if I would have let that first one lie. For the course to try and put it on you then ban you for not paying is ridiculous. Guess in the end it wouldn't be worth the hassle, but I'd not be very pleased having them come at me that way after a situation they put in play so to speak and that was witnessed as not being your fault by their own staff.
  6. PedronNiall

    Bad look

    It depends entirely on the kind of pants. If you're wearing actual slacks you're 99% of the time going to look better with full length socks. If you're wearing chinos and so on, you have a lot more leeway. If I'm wearing khakis, especially very lightweight ones and it's a warmer day, I'll often go with no shows. Realistically it varies as well by how clean your look is and how well you're able to pull it off if you go for something different. It's a fashion-forward/trendy thing right now to wear shorter socks with even dress slacks/suits, but that's assuming the pants are tailored
  7. I'm honestly torn on this one. Realistically I understand course rules are the only rules. In reality as you and many others pointed out, white socks regardless of the shoes? Just... no. For slacks you match your pants, for shorts you match/make sure you don't clash with your shoes. I'd just have to not play that course ever, my sensibilities wouldn't allow it.
  8. I don't know many instances where a course would have an issue with someone wearing a v-neck, cardigan, or other kind of sweater in modern times. There might be some super stuffy clubs that insist on a collar or true turtleneck only, but I don't think I've played anywhere that stringent about attire. Tiger's mock turtlenecks and the like have also been given the pass on the tour so we know that there's at least some flexibility on modern courses and tours. Can't say what would have come up had Oliver dropped the sweater, but given he was playing in the US Open I'm sure he was more than fine wi
  9. Could be a good way to get more people into the game. Seems best kept to goat tracks and maybe executive courses. Guess it all depends on how well groups who play it take to basic etiquette on course, but the pace of play should be pretty quick overall. I'm sure a lot of people laughed at Frisbee golf, but it's become its own thing and great for getting people out enjoying some fresh air, no reason this can't be the same. Good luck talking people into shelling out for Pro V1s, though.
  10. Having the course to yourself, especially if you're walking. Can't remember the last time it's happened, but those are the days, all the more when the weather's beautiful.
  11. If this is the case then you should be doing thorough research before anything you drop money on and you should be getting fit to the correct loft, lie, shaft type, length, and so on that best suits your swing. Again, to me it just doesn't scan that having the absolute best equipment for your game is paramount for you yet you did no digging before buying off the shelf clubs and based it off of what a pro is using. The assumption that they use exactly what you buy in stores is like thinking a factory Subaru is what was winning rally championships for pro drivers. I'm lost as to how you feel gen
  12. Just to be serious, how would they even sell tour-issue versions of the iron? If multiple pros play them, how will they know which pro's specs you'll be satisfied with? I'm sorry, but if you're that knowledgeable about what you want in a club you're buying off the shelf with the plan to modify something to your specs anyway, buying them custom to begin with, or buying pro items second-hand through programs like the one Callaway offers, through auction sites, BST, etc. I find it hard to fathom that you're so knowledgeable of your swing that you know you'd benefit from feature a, b,
  13. @OsnolaKinnard I'll probably give it a go with VL 7-SW, and 6 and under fixed to the 7i length. Have to figure out if I want to go all in at once since I'm going to give graphite shafts for my irons a try as well. I don't have issues from steel shafts, but I can definitely feel the extra bit pounding them on the range or course takes out of you. Every little bit of juice helps and I think that will go a long way in making days golfing even more enjoyable. Going to have to do a bit of extra work to make both of those come off smoothly at the same time so the SL/VL mix might have to wait but I t
  14. Saw this elsewhere and it reminded me that one, the love of the game knows no bounds, and two, you'd better know what's up when you practice your swing indoors. Guy said he was okay, just had to get a few stitches to the gut. Wife was pretty nice about the whole thing and only made him sleep in the dog house for a week. Be careful out there, ladies and gentlemen. I, in fact, did the exact same thing, only with a driver when I was in HS. The mother was not amused. Anyone else had it all go wrong when you just couldn't stop yourself from scratching the golf itch?
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