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  1. About a year old, used only a couple rounds bought in 03/2020. Specs 4-9 irons, Modus 120 Stiff shafts, +1/2 length, 2*upright, D4-5 +2 wraps asking 750 shipped obo
  2. Yeap, Paiute was in great condition last time we went. Normally we try playing something new.
  3. Hello, I was wondering if any locals can let me know which courses are in good condition this month. I have a group from Texas who goes out every 6 months for a golf outing/tournament. We played Las Vegas Golf club last year in September and it was in horrible condition as it was supposedly being reseeded but not once did they tell us to expect those horrendous conditions. Any help would be appreciated, and if you could help in getting us a tee time as we would be great.
  4. Thanks guy, I did speak to them and they said I can actually drop it off very early Tuesday and they will have it ready same day.
  5. So as the title says, one of my father's iron broke at the shaft. Now we have a very big tournament coming next Wednesday but no place will fix it on time. He has the G25 from Ping. the tournament is in Las Vegas. My question here is since I'm driving could I stop by PING HQ and have them repair and turnaround same day? Given the club is already discontinued it did have the ping graphite Shaft. Any help or advice would be appreciated thanks!!!
  6. Would really prefer to trade for a blade like putter of equal value. It's 33 inch and stock grip. If I got to out a price I would like $270 for it
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