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  1. I have a set of 770's on order; I have a set of Gen3's the P model; not a fan; will be selling them. Can't wait for the 770's to arrive.
  2. What shaft did you order with the driver? Thanks
  3. I stopped in my local GG to ask about pre-ordering the New SC T22; he stated he was not taking pre-orders, but he was getting 11 for release day; he said I was only the second person he was aware of asking about the putter. I’ll be there on the release day.
  4. Is the photo in this thread real? I looks so photoshopped I feel stupid asking.
  5. Haven’t looked at this thread in awhile. Unreal, this is 8 pages long that started with photos of a new store.
  6. No, but Bob couldn't care less at this point. On another note....who knows what the "Darkness and #26" stands for? Also, (1) Gerina looks good for just having had the baby and (2) the only reason I can fathom opening their own retail store is because they are too expensive to be sold at other retailers (so, create/open your own). Bob has repeatedly said PXG is meant to turn a profit like all of his other businesses do. He expects to make money. They won’t and PXG won’t be around long-term precisely because the performance is just not any better than anything else. Performance has been
  7. I know what you mean. I play a lot tournament golf and watch all the guys on the range not missing the center of the club with their MP-18 and MP-18 SC's, and miraculously when the scores are posted they can barley keep in the two digit range.
  8. This freaking unreal. This was a simple thread posting pictures about a store opening. It's gone from grammar to ski clothes; and how people spend their money, or how dumb they are for spending their money on this POS company. I like PXG and the owner. Here are some links to what he does with all the money he makes. https://azbigmedia.com/bob-parsons-giving-11-million-veterans-causes/ https://www.bizjournals.com/phoenix/news/2017/09/27/bob-parsons-pxg-donate-2-million-to-hurricane.html https://www.insidephilanthropy.com/home/2017/12/5/bob-renee-parsons-parkinsons-grants
  9. I generally stop reading when I read the obligatory, you are a fan boy. However, I must add my review of the ball marker, provided during my HERO purchase. It's the perfect size, fits in my pocket like a glove, and when placing it on the green, it has the shine of a truly $100 piece of craftsmanship.
  10. Man creates a golf company, as he stated for a niche market, finds success, on tour and the retail level, furthers the company by adding a brick and mortar location, and for the most part gets roasted. I remember a friend went to the Cameron Gallery store in California and needed an AED after he saw the price of a polo and hat. This concept is not unique to PXG, I like what I see; though I may not be able to afford the retail freight, I applaud the HERO program, hoping he adds soft goods to the program.
  11. I had an opportunity to put a set of I500's in play on Thursday, and compare them to the irons in the bag currently (PXG GEN 1 0311's). The PING's are standard loft and lie, with the stock DG 105 S300 shaft. My PXG's are standard loft and lie, with C-Taper lite stiff. The only difference in the lofts is in the 7 iron where the I500 is 30.5 and the PXG is 31. Looks- the I500's look great, minimal offset, clean, blade like. The PXG's look slightly larger at address with more offset. Both irons look great. Feel- The I500's feel good on dead center hits, off center hits felt terrible to me.
  12. I just went on the PXG HERO's site and configured a Brandon putter. I still can't get over the what PXG charges for shipping. $30 for ground, $75 for 2 day, and I have no idea what expedited shipping is, but it will cost $1000. Dang near paying half of the club to get 2 day shipping, I find that a little outrageous.
  13. I agree PING is on the rise. However, I have a set of I500’s and a set of HERO purchased 0311’s; the PXG’s are legit. My only criticism of the PXG irons they can feel a bit numb, can’t explain it, you get the desired result, not sure how it got there after a toe strike.
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