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  1. On a driver, I can't feel a difference between an adjustable hosel vs. glued on hosel. But on a fairway wood, the 3-wood, I feel like it's harder for me to feel the face/club head on an adjustable hosel vs. glued on hosel. Does anyone else feel the same way?
  2. Just received a Ventus Red and AV RAW Orange. Just a note, Fujikura doesn't recommend tip trimming for the 3 wood[1][2][3], while typically, it's 0.5" for other manufacturers/shafts including Mitsubishi[4]. [1] https://fujikuragolf.com/tip-trimming [2] Trim code W32: https://www.golfworks.com/fujikura-ventus-red-graphite-wood-shafts/p/fk0099/ [3] https://www.golfworks.com/images/art/shaft_trim_inst.pdf [4] https://www.mca-golf.com/sites/default/files/spec-pdf/MCA-MCA_2020-TENSEI-AV-RAW-Orange-v1.1.pdf
  3. Thanks @knudson81 for the previous reply. How about your thoughts on The Fujikura Pro iron shafts vs the KBS TGI tours? [1] https://fujikuragolf.com/irons/pro-iron [2] https://kbsgolfshafts.com/shop/tgi-tour-graphite-iron/
  4. @knudson81 can you do a comparison with the Fujikura Ventus Red[1] vs. a Mitsubishi AV Raw Orange[2] in your fairway wood? [1] https://fujikuragolf.com/woods/ventus [2] https://www.mca-golf.com/products/av-raw-orange
  5. https://ping.com/en-us/shop/bags/carry-bags/hoofer-craz-e-lite I just picked up a Ping CEL, on the site, it says that it has a pocket that's "Zippered, insulated multi-use water bottle pocket.". Mine doesn't have insulation. Is this just error on the site?
  6. Is there a reason why Scotty headcovers are not magnetic?
  7. Same. And hopefully in lefty, as well. I just picked up an M5 3 wood after playing with the SIM for two months, prior, I was gaming the Callaway Rogue Sub Zero. I can get a better feel for M5 head at 161cc vs the SIM at 180cc, because the weight is condensed in a smaller footprint. Also, I couldn't get used to the size of the SIM for shots off tight lies, it didn't look like it was going to get the ball airborne. And it did not do well in any rough.
  8. iBlades are casted 431: http://www.golfwrx.com/390238/review-ping-iblade-irons/
  9. In the description, Bettinardi says they used forged 303SS for their wedge, not sure why we haven't seen forged 303SS for irons. https://bettinardi.com/products/h2-303ss-blackout-wedges
  10. The industry as a whole has generally moved away from using carbon steel for putters, favoring 303SS. Why hasn't this changed for irons? Is the feel not good on a iron with a 303SS head?
  11. Any ideas when we could expect the release date of the new putters?
  12. I think Ping scaled down production, thinking that sales would also slow down — likely why the G425 isn't being released here in the USA, first. I was going to pick up a Craze-E Lite from Roger Dunn over Labor Day weekend, but apparently all their stores were out and they were on back order. I e-mailed Ping a few days ago, asking if it was back ordered, and they responded yesterday, saying it was on back order until October. I'm also hoping that they are taking this time to fix the issues.
  13. Is the leg issue, specific to the Craz-E Lite? Or is it something you experience with other Ping models, like the Hoofer? I've always liked Ping's stand design, where the whole bottom of the bag, pivots flat, when the legs are extended and the bag is standing — I think it's less prone to failure. On my 2019 Sun Mountain 2.5+ the rubber on the bottom of the stand wore out and fell off. Other issues I have with the 2.5+ is the strap would occasionally fall out of the buckle while walking and the bag would fall to the floor. My other issue with the 2.5+'s stand mechanism is that I fee
  14. Cool. Thanks. Let me know how it works out. And let me know how the weight feels, 77 grams at 44", seems pretty heavy.
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