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  1. I doubt it as I don’t see it but whatev.. shorter shaft lighter.
  2. Shorter, all things being equal means lighter not heavier.
  3. PXG does suck…period no one build clubs the way we do…thank god BC they suck never has so many said so much that meant so little…see above Bank returned my money and PXG doesn’t want clubs returned….BC they suck and incompetent…last laugh wow..made $1000 and built my own custom JPX 919…….that fit and feel great….Thank god I can use a ruler!! If one of u “contributors” want them then fine but no complaining on fitting especially length b/c there’s no one way to accurately measure so live w it to all those who cannot figure out how or why to measure…good luck America b/c as u see…u going to need it….warped and weird….Lol
  4. Interesting. PXG fittter requests a club made to a overall length that PXG has measured and tested for. The club comes in longer from PXG than the requested length provided by PXG. Not only that but bc it’s longer the swing weight is now off. The flex doesn’t feel the same either bc it’s longer and lighter. i grab it, faux address and realize it’s too long. It’s not the correct length as requested by pxg to pxg for a pxg customer yet I’m the one who’s misguided or just plain wrong??? Laughable if not absurd.
  5. Sounds like a version of gaslighting. when is a inch not a inch? right here!! Lol
  6. Wanted to clarify. I wasn’t speaking to standardized lengths, lie, lofts etc. Those are all over the place. I was addressing that they got the exact lengths wrong. Someone stated there’s no one way to measure; a standard way to measure. That’s nonsense. An inch is an inch is a inch Flex wrong too using frequency machine.
  7. I’m speaking about the exact length of the club not that all club manufacturers have or use a standardized lengths for all clubs. I ordered a club to be a particular length and they got it wrong. I’m referring to using a standaized form of measurement like SAE or metic….
  8. Hi, So I have 3 mizuno 6 iron JPX heads (2 919 tours heads and one 919 hot metal pro to be used as 5 iron) I want single length and sliding flex from 5-7 irons. I will bend lofts 4 degrees on 2 or the heads making a 5 and 7 iron ostensibly. I guess I can vary the tip trim by 1/2” getting shorter in the tip as I go from 5 to 7…..or should I cut all shafts same lengths and try that route? I bored hostels to accept .370 parallel shafts. My desired thoughts are a slightly softer tip in the 5 hopefully give a desired higher flight?? Might fly higher but shorter overall distance which is fine depending on situation. I’m looking for either 919 or 921 JPX 9 irons or just heads if anyone has some laying about. Haha Any thoughts, guidance, feedback or your experience greatly appreciated in advance. Thanks
  9. Sounds like rubbish that lengths aren’t standardized. They are. An inch is an inch and no gaslighting will change this. They messed up order on length and swing weight. 2 shops agree but pxg in their arrogant denial ways aren’t doing anything.
  10. Yeah well the totally f. Ed my Oder. Now they are ignoring me. I think they suck so far.
  11. Yup. Got fit by them ordered to build all specs came in wrong. they are generally ignoring my emails. Parson just a big winded blow hard. Period. Lol
  12. So by moving the kick point higher it negates the desired higher ball flight a bit??
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