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  1. tried to switch but epic still better for me
  2. Love ping, have had many versions but could never deal with zing. Weirdly chubby
  3. Please hit it first. I have sz Driver and love it. However, I really disliked the sz fairway
  4. They look appealing. Not to fat, blade length is long. Gonna give them a whack.
  5. I like anser driver better than g30 ls and g ls. G400 ls on the way to begin combat
  6. Positive. In my experience they are one of the better ping i series offering. I have have all of them. Much better than iE version. Remind me of i25 with better performance
  7. Play it as is. Should work great. Excellent driver
  8. To each there own but I found it to be the worst driver I have hit in last 10 years. Absolutely hated it. Fairways too.
  9. Replaced with i. Mistake. Now have i200. Excellent. Improvement over i25.
  10. 9.5 with ahina stiff. Looks great, low spin, pretty straight, sounds pretty good. Haven't found anything to match it
  11. I have both, with the same shaft. Can't go wrong with either. I hit them almost the same. Just think I was a little more accurate with the pings. Both are great.
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