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  1. The lofts are what was offered standard from TM. I believe they vary slightly from the Tiger spec lofts. However, I can have the lofts changed to whatever the buyer would like.
  2. Hello Friends, Price includes USPS Priority shipping and paypal fees. Any other arrangements for shipping will need to be made via PM. If you have any questions, would like to make an offer, or would like additional photos, please send me a PM and I'll be happy to help. I am not interested in any trades for these. Item for sale today: Taylormade P7TW Irons. 4-PW, Tour Issue Dynamic Gold S400 - shafts have been pured as shown in the photos. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Midsize grips. Standard L/L/L. Condition is shown in photos. The clubs have one full season of use on them - about 35 rounds. There are some scars on the sole of the 8 iron as shown in the photo from a shot in the desert. The scars do not affect play at all. There is a tiny ding on the toe of 4 iron as shown in the photo. This does not affect play at all and can't be seen at address. Price: $750 OBO Thanks for looking!
  3. M5 Fairway sold. If someone wants to buy the 54 & 58 degree wedges, I would be willing to split the set for the right price.
  4. Good Evening, The pictures should speak for themselves but if you have any questions, would like to make an offer, or would like more pictures, please send me a PM and I'll be happy to help. The price listed includes Paypal fees and shipping via USPS Priority. If you want other arrangements, we will need to come to an agreement on that. Willing to trade for other iron sets in similar, or better, shape. If you have a mint set of Z745's or similar Srixon irons I'm your Huckleberry. Otherwise, if you have something sweet to trade, let me know and I'll see if I'm interested. 1. Taylormade 770/ P7MC Combo irons. 4-6 are 770, 7-PW are P7MC. Shafted with Dynamic Gold 105 X100. Gripped with Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align grips. Standard lie and length. The loft of the P7MC's was decreased 1 degree on each club to match the loft separation of the 770 lofts. These have been used a total of 7 rounds. I was fit for them last fall, then I was dumb enough to start working out consistently again and I'm now a better fit for full weight X100's. Don't get stuck waiting another 3+ months for new TM irons! Buy these instead and save some money. $900. 2. Taylormade MG 2 Black Wedges. 50, 54, 58. Shafted with Dynamic Golf 105 S300. Gripped with Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align. Standard L/L/L. Same exact story as above but I'll be going to the heavier S400. $375 OBO for the set. 3. Taylormade M5 Fairway 15*. Shafted with a HZRDUS Handcrafted Black 75G, 6.5 Flex. This fairway is well used and has some marks to prove it, but nothing that will affect its play. I have the head cover, I was just too lazy to take a photo of it. $125 OBO Thanks for looking! pin 5/4
  5. Pictures of the bag with a full set in it. These bags can comfortably fit 14 if you don't have a Superstroke putter grip. The buttons on the smaller pocket would be annoying if you tried to use them often throughout a round, but they secure whatever is in the pocket.
  6. My plan for this bag is mixed. I live on the course where I belong, so sneaking out my back door to play 3-6 holes is common. I plan to use it for that. I have also been putting together a minimalist set that I am going to play a few rounds with next year. I can also see myself carrying it with 12-14 clubs (they fit comfortably) for a round during a dry summer day. I don't think I'll be testing this with wet ground and adding the weight and effort of trestle sticks never appealed to me. I will snap some pictures tonight and post here.
  7. I never received a word on shipping or anything, but it showed up at my door in a USPS Priority package less than a week after purchase.
  8. Happy to report that after opening three cases with StockX support (because the first two eventually reached a date that StockX considered too old that I had to open new cases) and daily emails to support, I received my refund today! I am actually surprised that they refunded all of the money I was out of pocket (shipping and fees) and not just the price of the shoes. While this took way longer than I was expecting, or than it should have, I have been made whole and have no open gripe with StockX.
  9. Clearly no one cares or has heard of Tyler Golf Bags but I am happy to report that the bag arrived yesterday (less than a week turnaround time) and it is awesome.
  10. To be clear, i'm not just giving up. I paid via Paypal but when I went to file a dispute it said the transaction was a 'Automatic Payment', which was a first for me, and those transactions can't be disputed. I do intend to continue pursuing StockX. I started this thread to see if anyone had experienced anything similar and was able to find a solution.
  11. Good Evening, So about two months ago I pulled the trigger on StockX for a pair of Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour Seamus Golf x Pendleton golf shoes. These were extremely limited and were a nod to Bandon's 'Solstice' event they have every June. I had never purchased anything from StockX before but was confident the "authenticity guarantee" would protect me, and the fact that the shoes have to be shipped to StockX first for verification sounded like I wouldn't deal with issues. Fast forward two weeks later and the shoes I ordered arrived. I opened the box to find a pair of standard all black Air Zoom Victory Tours (the colorway you can get on ebay for about $75). The shoes had authenticity tags on them and an order sheet that did not match the description on the box. I immediately opened a claim, took a bunch of pictures, and submitted everything to StockX. I received a response two days later explaining the return process and a shipping label for the return. This was 11/1. I immediately shipped the shoes back and tracking info shows they were delivered. Moreover, a StockX rep confirmed the shoes had been received and that I would receive my refund in 5 business days. It's now 12/6, I have received no refund, they closed my original claim number, and no one will respond to my new claim. So it seems as though I'm out a few hundred dollars (feel free to make fun of me for spending that much on shoes). Wondering if anyone else has experience with StockX and if it's similar?
  12. https://www.winstoncollection.com/mobile/index.html I received a Winston Collection driver head cover at a tournament and it is really nice.
  13. Good Afternoon, I saw a promo from Colorado Golf Blog about Tyler Golf Bags having a holiday sale today and checked them out. I ended up pulling the trigger on one because of the price point and cool designs. Now that my brain has returned to my body and I realize Instagram marketing worked wonders on me, I am wondering if anyone else has owned one of these or knows anything about the creator, Tyler McDaniel. If not, pretty sweet looking Sunday bags - and I love the Elephant logo - at an aggressive price right now - $150-200. I will note explicitly that I have nothing to do with this company and legitimately have no idea if I just sent money to a scam. I'm just curious if anyone has used one before and if so, how are they? https://tylergolfbags.com/
  14. Hey Fellas, I am looking for ideas on what to get my partner for an upcoming tournament as a thank you or team building gift. I am aware of all of the typical gifts for these types of events (Shirt, ball markers, golf balls, valuables pouch, head cover, etc) and I am certainly not ruling those out. I am just looking for potentially something unique and cool that I haven't thought of. What I am hoping is that someone here received a really cool unexpected gift to play in a tournament and that will spark an idea. Thanks in advance.
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