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  1. i was cheering for NIcklaus..had i known he would have some of the views he shares..i would have blown his ball into some creek
  2. 35 Inches preferred. silver head version
  3. don't know what he was thinking...some of the most daft comments about a fellow pro golfer who is eating your dinner.
  4. what a way to "debate" ..the instigator is a low achieving bottom feeding former pro posing as a journalist/golf historian... and since Tiger was winning with scores of +20 at events...the standards were infinitely lower.
  5. please note and expand picture of toe area to see the mark on the top of the toe area. No surprises here. Overall in great condition but the two paint chip marks and little hard to notice smear near the bigger mark. SOLD
  6. new. hit ones. sticker still on face. 285.00 shipped OBO. no trades
  7. how do you pronounce his name : Cat Lin or Kate Lin? very simple, no frills player
  8. they ff'ed up premiere league matches to Peacock...
  9. seems like perfectly normal american style capitalism?
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