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  1. CBS was extremely fair. RIP Mr. Wright
  2. he never says anything intelligent. at least Lanny sounds like he has a beer and brisket stuck up and can't stop talking and rarely says anything useful..Paul just isn't cut for the job. There's a coal mine missing a sup
  3. the i59s are like copies of the shorter wedges of the Nike vapor pro combos. Just perfect to have that through the set. Always wanted that. Well done Ping. Gorgeous.
  4. surely if Tiger was on roids...
  5. 3-G Cobra forged tec. Pristine condition. : $SOLD 4-PW Nike Vapor pro combo very good condition : $SOLD 4-pw Modus 120 standard length from Mizuno : $SOLD Cobra f9 5 wood with atmos 7 blue shaft. Face looks a little worn, top of club is like new : Off
  6. Make a better offer to players? Compete like a true capitalist system (as fake as...)
  7. these were 1/2 long in Cobra forged TeC irons the grips have some life SOLD
  8. what adrenalin? the one that hits the 8 iron short and into the water on 16 at the Masters? Adrenalin would have airmailed the green...he needs adrenalin
  9. any experience selling clubs on facebook?
  10. No fooling... the LTD Black was released in matte finish, that's what he used at Bayhill.
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