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  1. Make a better offer to players? Compete like a true capitalist system (as fake as...)
  2. these were 1/2 long in Cobra forged TeC irons the grips have some life SOLD
  3. what adrenalin? the one that hits the 8 iron short and into the water on 16 at the Masters? Adrenalin would have airmailed the green...he needs adrenalin
  4. any experience selling clubs on facebook?
  5. No fooling... the LTD Black was released in matte finish, that's what he used at Bayhill.
  6. agreed.. and for those who think it's not in the spirit of the game and should play as it lies...then play embedded balls too. It's what your shot gave you. You play embedded balls in the bunkers...
  7. almost all the british tour players of old and new. Only one guy with a comfy background was Monty and it shows lol. Sandy Lyle, Faldo, Woosnam,,,,keep naming were all from humble backgrounds..not to mention VJ. Golf as been an incredible path for many to serious wealth and riches. Hooray to golf. I would imagine VJ is equivalent to a billionaire in Fiji. hopefully he has spread the love there a little too. No doubt some of the toughest dudes but poor background doesn't necessarily explain toughness, hunger...Nicklaus wasn't poor growing up...he became richer..yes. Money didn't change these gu
  8. yeah...he picks the ball, defends, throws, catches himself, runs with the ball himself...just cannot compare the two. A golfer's achievement at high level is way beyond that of a team member player..that's all brady is..as good as the guys around him. who protect him, run the ball and catch the ball. .
  9. thanks to the guys who take the hits...not to frady
  10. the g400 lst 8.5 is a legend. Period.
  11. Rory had him by 20-30 yards...60 on one hole..maybe he needs a SIM2 ...stop trying to break driver shafts
  12. i thought this was an old topic...like why bring it up again...yet, there are new ideas and commentary...seems this horse is sore from being whupped up again and again...pain is good. I don't think most Majors should be the only measurement of greatness. We aren't talking about the winningmost...Simply the greatest golfer ever. Tough call.
  13. low and low lofted drivers... and no issues with LOFT.....Lack Of F,,,,ing Talent!
  14. if the eyes can't see it...it's an illusion
  15. is this one of those 8 irons that goes 300 plus yards for Kyle ? then find out it really didn't go that far.
  16. i thought he had friends in high places...couldn't he get the same antidote as one of his friends?
  17. No idea how Nicklaus wins when Tiger owns the winning score record at St. Andrews..
  18. No trades please. Too many clubs already. Ping iblade heads : 400$ shipped Toulon Columbus 180.00$ shipped
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