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  1. Interesting premise. Most people switch between introversion & extroversion situationally, so idk how well the idea would hold up. Then again... this community is not really your average golfer LOL I would say most of us choose the clubs that look, feel, sound & perform best for our abilities. & sometimes I'm even surprised at what I'm willing to play based on performance! I do remember when it was leaked that TM was coming out with a line of irons called Rocketballz & was... a little bit too much for me lol I never really cared for the white drivers, either
  2. Driver: Just moved to a SIM 9* w/ HZRDUS black 60g 6.0 from a Ping 10.5* G400max w/ tour 65s Wow--what a low spin bomber. Hit the Ping a little straighter, but I was definitely leaving yards on the table. I love how the SIM sounds, too: very muted. FW: Mavrik SZ 15* w/ Aldila rogue white 70s. Really don't care for the color scheme, but I bought this on CPO off a whim & I've been really impressed. Feels & sounds nice, great ball flight & it is longgg. I agree with some of the above posters: there are many OEMs who are making/have made their very best in a long time over the last 1-3 years. You almost can't choose wrong.
  3. I suppose it also depends on what type of feel you're looking for. I have a HZRDUS black in my SIM that keeps spin down for my swing. It does feel pretty boardy, but I don't mind that in a driver. I demo'd a tensei raw white that felt a little softer to me, & it was similarly low spinning.
  4. I just listed my 2017 p790s on the BST because I moved to a zx5/zx7 combo In my experience, the switch was mostly about feel and dispersion. What everyone has said is true: both zx5 & zx7 feel terrific when struck well--like a true one piece forged iron. I just never got that feeling with the 790s, a little clickier even when I hit a great shot. The difference in distance/spin to me was negligible between all three irons. All within a 100 or so RPMs and within 1-3 yds on average. However, when I launched a p790 just a hair lower it really takes off. That didn't happen with the Srixons, it was tough to break out of my stock yardage on good shots. That was really my only criteria for upgrading: if I found an iron that gave me the same distance gains I was seeing from the P790s that felt better and produced more consistent yardages.
  5. Hopped on the Zx irons train to end the year, so up for sale here are a set of 2017 TM P790s, the ones that started it all. I bought them used in pretty great shape two years ago & I've tried to keep them that way. You can see some light, but obvious face wear near the middle of the face. There is a scrape on top of the 9 iron--it's pictured--but I don't know how it got there; it was there when I purchased them. Otherwise still a very relevant set of sticks. Shafts are Dynamic Gold 105 R300 with Tour Wraps (std) that have been on there for one Midwestern golf season. Standard lofts, lengths, and lies. Price is $SOLD Lastly, I've got a Yes! Nicky putter that I just don't use much & don't foresee using it in the future. It's still in fantastic shape as the pictures show. Betti grip on there is new from this year. Putter comes with both original Yes! cover & I'll throw in this yacht club cover with it, as I am no yachting man. Price is $85 shipped Again, prices all include shipping--please make an offer if you'd like, & sorry I am not looking for any trades at the moment. Thanks!
  6. I played two of them: G400 Max for the last couple years until I realized I didn't need all that extra spin. Just switched to a SIM & I'm starting to see parts of the fairway that I'm not used to seeing. Also play a Mavrik 3 wood--haven't tried the drivers but have heard very good things
  7. You all are champions--thank you for the reminder. I was getting the hitting off mats thing backward--for some reason I was expecting spin to be up on mats. I'll remember that for the future. I guess it's a jump ball between the Srixons if I feel the urge!
  8. Currently gaming a set of 2017 P790's w/ the stock DG105 R300's in them. Sort of flirting around with a different set of irons for next year, as I've picked up a little bit of clubhead speed this year. So I got on the trackman at GG and demo'd the Zx5 & Zx7 (both w/ stock modus 105 stiff) against my P790. All strikes were 7 irons. Average swing speed was about 82 mph across the board, ball speeds were 110mph (Zx7 AND Zx5) vs 109mph (P790). Launch angles for the Srixons were about identical at 18.6, P790 was 18.0. Apex was 85 ft on both Srixons, about 80 on the TM's. Carry distances were all roughly the same: 153yds for Zx7, 152yds Zx5, 150yds P790. What surprised me, I guess, were the spin rates I was seeing: 6100 avg on the Zx5's, just under 6000 on the Zx7's, and 5900 on the P790's. Granted, they had Top Flites in the Trackman bay, so maybe that had something to do with it. I play premium balls on the course & really don't have any trouble stopping balls with the TM's, but do those spin rates look low to anyone else?
  9. I also watched it last night. I'd been working on some feels from Monte's early extension series & I felt like at least two of these drills (thinking of the Two Justins & the Slap Shot) really help me feel my hips get deeper on the downswing than I had been able to before. Not to mention the feeling of truly accelerating through the ball! I was contemplating using a weighted club or a speed stick during the counter drill as an additional way of getting my arms to really feel speed through that follow through motion.
  10. Well... maybe spoke too soon--charge is back on CC statement & no longer pending. Weird...
  11. Also got order confirmation Fri night & a receipt email Sat morning, but I don't see the charge on my Amex statement any longer... no word from Wilson yet
  12. First up is a Swing Caddie SC300i launch monitor--works great, used for a handful of range sessions this year but I like using the sc200+ for speed w/o a club purposes. FWIW, I think the sc300i is a lot more accurate, but c'est la vie... $SOLD Putt Out Pressure Putt Trainer: white color, new in box. $SOLD TM Spider Vault Desert Vibes headcover: I think this one was released in tandem with the Amex Desert Classic this year. This is one with a magnetic enclosure, great shape, like new condition. I even have the plastic bag it came in & will ship with that for added protection. $SOLD TM Spider Vault Shark Attack headcover: This one was just released last week, it remains unopened & brand new. Also magnetic enclosure. $SOLD All prices include shipping to CONUS--make an offer if you'd like-am willing to bundle items for a better price.
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