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  1. All are used. Prices include shipping. Make me a package deal! air max 90 worn less than 5 times. $135 obo infinity tour $200 obo worn less than 5 times. jordan v used $150 obo
  2. prices include ups shipping. Spent a lot of money on Mother’s Day. Help me out. Motivated. Take advantage of me. 1. Apex forged 4 Apex Pro 5-PW Modus 105x I suck at measuring clubs. Please see pictures for measurement on 7 iron $600 obo 2. bettinardi Armageddon. Arm lock version. $500 obo 3. Bettinardi golden hornet. Grip in plastic. $500 obo.
  3. I’m beginning to believe the sole a serial numbers that start LA and CA aren’t anything special. I think the player specific ones are usually a deeper engraving and on the neck but I could be wrong. I have been before.
  4. Happy Method Day Everyone! hope to see all your pictures today and this weekend if you and your favorite methods out there. I actually went on a podcast this week in celebration of #releasetheputter and can’t thank all of you enough for your support over the years. Roll on! z https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-swoosh-life-all-things-nike-golf-and-sneaker-culture/id1553055517?i=1000517091984
  5. Love to see artisan love. You are more than welcome here! Sick stick!
  6. That’s awesome. I’m finally in a spot where I can maybe afford some of these gems. Gonna be hunting this summer. I always wanted these just a touch heavier. Got 30’s on my Scotty.
  7. Kd5 elite look. I’m digging it with a ton of potential imo. All white shoes will always be meh in photos.
  8. Hit demo apex and apex pro today. Nearly identical from the top. The both just look so good too.
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