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  1. Price is shipped. Smoke free home. nike golf jacket xl - $50 obo rlx xl jacket. Stonewall orchard logo. - $100 obo
  2. I’m betting he has a good connect with Nike. They are literally baby shoes. Size 5 usually does it.
  3. hey all. Feel free to shoot offers. Motivated to move stuff. Low balls will be ignored. Only trade interest is champions choice putters new port 2 or Oven Method Putters. 1. Scotty T22 fastback. Gamed 5 times. Will include original grip. 35” $1,400 obo 2. bettinardi SS7 blackout. Gamed once. 35” $400 obo 3. infinity tour size 13. Unreleased colorway. Worn 3 times. $200 obo 4. Callaway apex pro. 5-pw. MMT 105tx. Iomic grips. $775 obo
  4. All are used. Prices include shipping. Make me a package deal! air max 90 worn less than 5 times. $135 obo infinity tour $200 obo worn less than 5 times. jordan v used $150 obo
  5. prices include ups shipping. Spent a lot of money on Mother’s Day. Help me out. Motivated. Take advantage of me. 1. Apex forged 4 Apex Pro 5-PW Modus 105x I suck at measuring clubs. Please see pictures for measurement on 7 iron $600 obo 2. bettinardi Armageddon. Arm lock version. $500 obo 3. Bettinardi golden hornet. Grip in plastic. $500 obo.
  6. I’m beginning to believe the sole a serial numbers that start LA and CA aren’t anything special. I think the player specific ones are usually a deeper engraving and on the neck but I could be wrong. I have been before.
  7. Happy Method Day Everyone! hope to see all your pictures today and this weekend if you and your favorite methods out there. I actually went on a podcast this week in celebration of #releasetheputter and can’t thank all of you enough for your support over the years. Roll on! z https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-swoosh-life-all-things-nike-golf-and-sneaker-culture/id1553055517?i=1000517091984
  8. Love to see artisan love. You are more than welcome here! Sick stick!
  9. That’s awesome. I’m finally in a spot where I can maybe afford some of these gems. Gonna be hunting this summer. I always wanted these just a touch heavier. Got 30’s on my Scotty.
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