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  1. Love to see artisan love. You are more than welcome here! Sick stick!
  2. That’s awesome. I’m finally in a spot where I can maybe afford some of these gems. Gonna be hunting this summer. I always wanted these just a touch heavier. Got 30’s on my Scotty.
  3. Kd5 elite look. I’m digging it with a ton of potential imo. All white shoes will always be meh in photos.
  4. Hit demo apex and apex pro today. Nearly identical from the top. The both just look so good too.
  5. Excited to see these. What’s the name gonna be? 220?
  6. Bettinardi BB56 15” armlock plays at 36.5”. Priced at $1k obo price drop to $900 price includes CON US shipping via UPS i can have length and grip changed or adjusted for anyone interested in a deal. trade interest include: TW wedges plus cash TM P770 irons TM P7MB TM P7MC TM P7TW Bettinardi Half Moon putters Bettinardi DASS putters pretty open on trades and price. Let me know. 100% feedback on the bay.
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